RFD Premier: Country artist Tayler Holder releases new single and music video for ‘Goin’ Out Sober’

“After hearing this song, I felt sympathy for every single one of my friends who ever went through a breakup in my super small hometown of Alvarado Texas where everyone knew everyone. This song talks about the feelings of how people can’t deal with the emotions of seeing a recent ex and use alcohol to deal with the pain of knowing they will see their ex out. To be honest, the day I featured this song I saw it in action as one of my close friends was going through a bad breakup but his ex was very much in his friend group so he would always use alcohol to numb the pain from sending her away and I’m sure she was doing the same. Having never drank myself, it was hard to see my friend go through this, but I slowly realized how common it is and how relatable this song is to most people.”


He is currently on tour across the US supporting Dylan Scott

“Holder is giving listeners a taste of the sound that may soon permeate the Nashville music scene.” But as impressive as his voice is, his vulnerability can make him downright irresistible to an audience hungry for a brand new male superstar.” – People magazine.

New York, NY – (October 27, 2023) – The most followed country music artist on TikTok, country music singer-songwriter Taylor Holder released his latest single “Goin’ Out Sober” today. This new release follows the success of Taylor’s recent singles “Someone you know“, “Till She’s Gone” and “Time in This Truck”, which saw a great response from fans and press with over 1 million streams on Spotify alone across the three singles combined. While many may have found Taylor through TikTok, he’s forging his own path in the country music world as he continues to release classic singles that further establish himself in the country landscape. The single will premiere on COUNTRYPOLITAN MAGAZINE.

ALL COUNTRY NEWS echoes the endorsement, saying, “Taylor Holder has proven she’s more than just her massive social media following. A fresh new artist mixes a new sound and stories and brings a whole new class of country fans along with him.” When asked about his new single ‘Goin’ Out Sober,’ Taylor said, “After hearing this song, I felt sympathy for every single one of my friends who ever went through a breakup in my super small hometown of Alvarado, Texas, where everybody knew everyone. This song talks about the emotions of meeting an ex and using alcohol to deal with the pain of knowing that they will see their ex in our small town.” Taylor continues, “Honestly, the day I released this song, I saw it in action because one of my friends was going through a bad breakup and was using alcohol to numb the pain of having to see his ex. Since I’m not a drinker, it was hard to see my friend go through this. I realized how common it is and how connected it is to this song.”

Holder himself has been making noise in Music City since the CMAs. Following the success of his recent releases, Holder has been busy with his debut US tour opening for Dylan Scott in his ‘This Town’s Been Too Good To Us’ playing shows across the US until early December. Fellow country singer-songwriter Matt Schuster is also on the tour supporting Dylan Scott.

Holder, who had an exciting foray into the country music scene, reveled in the light shown on acceptance into the space. He has amassed more than 30 million fans across all his social media platforms during his journey in his country music journey. Fresh into the industry, Holder seamlessly transitioned from influencer to budding country music star. “I am very grateful to have been welcomed by both the Nashville community and the industry. I am humbled every day by the continued support and want to continue to give the best I have for the people who have protected me.”

Outside of music, many may know Holder from his viral success on TikTok, where he has nearly 20 million followers. Now, however, Taylor is doubling down on his Aspen Artists music records and making it his priority as he releases his brand new single ‘Goin Out Sober’ (produced by Andy Sheridan and co-produced by Ben Williams and written by Andy Sheridan, Ben Williams and Josh Mirenda ), which will be on Taylor’s upcoming EP, due out later this year.

Grew up outside of Dallas in a small town called Alvarado, Texas. Taylor Holder has always been an entertainer. At the age of 3, Taylor began racing and competing in motocross, a passion that Taylor still holds to this day, but is now more of a hobby than a profession. After graduating high school through home schooling, Taylor moved to California to pursue her dreams of being an artist and began creating content for Instagram and Musical.ly, quickly growing in popularity on the platforms with her viral lip-sync videos as and with your daily lifestyle content.

After joining TikTok, Tayler quickly grew to millions of followers on the platform, continuing to create viral content. Today, Tayler Holder continues to create lifestyle content for his fans on social media, but he is now focusing most of his energy on his music career as things are moving quickly for this talented singer-songwriter. Follow Tayler’s social media below for updates on future single releases as well as updates from his current tour dates with Dylan Scott.


Check out our interview with Tayler at CMA Fest HERE


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