Riders Share offers a revolutionary investment opportunity

Riders Share offers a revolutionary investment opportunity

AUSTIN, TX February 01, 2023—(BUSINESS WIRE)–Riders Share, the largest motorcycle sharing marketplace, today announced a limited time investment opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts and investors. Leveraging Republic, a crowdfunding (CF) regulatory platform, Riders Share will launch a CF regulatory campaign to fuel Riders Share and its digital and physical infrastructure build, pushing it to new levels of success and profitability.

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“We are really excited to offer this affordable opportunity to both riders and investors,” said Guillermo Cornejo, CEO of Riders Share. “We think we can really change the world of motorcycling with our company by making it more affordable, accessible and enjoyable for people to get out and ride.”

Riders and investors can become part of the company’s success at an affordable price, payable in cash or by credit card. Please visit Republic for deal terms.

Over the past few years, Riders Share has achieved incredible growth and industry-leading achievements such as:

  • 75% or higher growth for the last two consecutive years

  • It has received 50,000 five-star reviews

  • Ranked #1 on Google for “motorcycle rental” searches and has its own AI verification system that has given the company the ability to charge lower prices while maintaining high margins

  • Registered more than 4,000 different motorcycles of every street legal category across the country

More and more Americans are getting motorcycle licenses, and there are now nearly 30 million licensed riders in the United States. However, only 12 million motorcycles are on the road today. Riders Share addresses this disparity head-on by matching riders with bikes that aren’t being ridden and allowing them to be rented on the partner’s own rental platform.

About Riders Share

Riders Share is the world’s largest peer-to-peer motorcycle marketplace platform that connects underutilized bikes with verified riders who want to rent them. Riders Share uses machine learning to verify riders, provides an insurance policy for owners and offers roadside assistance. With over 250,000 registered users, Riders Share offers the largest variety of motorcycles available for rent in the world, while providing a superior experience for renters and an additional source of income for owners.


With respect to communications from an issuer on the Site evaluating interest in a potential offering of securities under the Regulation CF exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act, including opportunities to “reserve” securities as indications of interest in the potential offering, please note that in accordance with Regulation Crowdfunding Rule 206 (i) that no money or other consideration is required and if sent in response will not be accepted, (ii) no offer to purchase the valuables may be accepted papers and no part of the purchase price may be received until the offer statement is made and only through the platform of a registered intermediary, (iii) any such offer may be withdrawn or withdrawn, without obligation or commitment of any kind, by at any time before notice of its acceptance is given after Form C is filed and (iv) the indication of interest is non-binding and does not involve an obligation or commitment of any kind.

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