Ridley Scott’s canceled Alien movie would have completed Prometheus’ most controversial retcon


  • Alien: Covenant and Prometheus caused controversy by rehashing the original Alien films, including changes to the chest smashing process and the origins of Weyland Corp.
  • A canceled sequel to Alien: Covenant would naturally confirm David, played by Michael Fassbender, as the creator of the classic Xenomorphs.
  • The retcons in Prometheus and Covenant removed some of the mystery and excitement of the original film.

The canceled sequel to The Alien: Covenant they would have done a controversial retcon created by the newer movies. The Extraterrestrial film chronology has always been complex in terms of chronological narrative and erudition, with the introduction of prequels and sequels creating inconsistencies within the films. Longtime fans enjoyed the original film because it had a simple plot with suspense, memorable characters and mysterious aliens that wreaked havoc on a crew in space. With the franchise becoming so popular, it was no surprise that Ridley Scott wanted to expand the universe to explain the lore and provide backstories to the classic Xenomorphs.

Although The Alien: Covenant and Prometheus were good movies that contained the right amount of tension and action, they left room for controversial retcons, including changes to Alien vs. Predator shared universe. From changing the gestation process of breasts to ignoring the origins of Weyland Corp to giving birth to xenomorphs without a queen, these films changed several details from the previous ones Extraterrestrial films, leading to a contentious debate among audiences who prefer the original lore. A sequel, however, could double as a particularly controversial retcon, delving into Michael Fassbander’s character, David, and how his plot twist changed the entire franchise.

Ridley Scott’s Testament sequel would have confirmed that David was the creator of the aliens

Immediately after the release of the film, Ridley Scott teased a Covenant sequel that would explain more about David being the potential creator of the Xenomorph. On the covenant the ending suggests that David’s experiments with pathogens created new life forms and these creatures became the iconic aliens that audiences saw in the first Extraterrestrial. These evolving creature designs were a product of David’s plan to create more intelligent and “worthy” organisms. Although David revealed his experiments and reasoning about creating new life forms like the protomorph, it was never confirmed to be true in the film. A sequel could have confirmed that David was the ultimate creator of the original Xenomorph.

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It’s too late now The Alien: Covenant sequel as the film was released in 2017, plus Disney’s Extraterrestrial The film is expected to reboot the franchise. While confirmation of how the Xenomorphs were created would have given audiences peace of mind after David’s shocking revelation, moving on to new, consistent storylines would have been better for the future of the franchise. Focusing on the mystery surrounding these aliens and their purpose is much more effective than relying solely on an Android creator who may not even be telling the truth about his experiments in Covenant.

Why Prometheus & Covenant’s Alien Retcon Is So Controversial

Ellen Ripley and a xenomorph from Alien

Both Prometheus and Covenant retcon on Extraterrestrial films in various ways, including the revelation that David is the creator. This retcon has become so controversial because it removes the mystery surrounding the xenomorph and dulls the thrilling impact of the original film. Using the backstories to expand the universe and lore is fun enough for the audience, but there’s no need to reveal an ancestor who apparently created the world’s deadliest organism. Instead, making other films that explore the future of these creatures would better suit the narrative of the franchise instead of delving too deeply into their history and origins.

The legend in Alien vs. Predator the movies were also fun because they focused on mysterious creatures that were completely new to humanity. They didn’t have detailed backstories or creators, which made them all the more strange and frightening. These creatures bring back the nostalgia of the iconic Extraterrestrial films featuring Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley combined with Predator universe, but none of it is canon after Prometheus an.d covenant who perceive xenomorphs as 22nd century creatures. S The Alien: Covenant a sequel doesn’t happen, this massive story change will never be completed.

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