Rise of the Antichrist’ shines in opening weekend with a Top 10 performance at the North American box office

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Theater chains extend the initial run and expand to more screens

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amcomri Entertainment Inc. (“Amcomri” or the “Company”) (NEO: AMEN) (Frankfurt: 25Y0) (OTC: AMNNF), a global producer and distributor of independent films, television series and documentaries, today confirmed that it is a feature film production, ” Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist,” released Thursday, January 26thachieved an opening weekend box office of over US$3 million, placing it in the Top 10 North American grossers for the weekend.

Financed and produced in-house by Amcomri Productions, the much-anticipated sequel to the hit 2014 feature film was screened in 1,362 select theaters. In response to high attendance numbers on the opening weekend, theaters extended the original four-day run and additional theaters were added.

Based on the New York Times bestselling series, “Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist” opened the weekend with over 50,000 advance ticket sales at the top three theater chains alone.

“The opening weekend box office exceeded our expectations by $3 million and is a testament to the combined efforts of the producer and Amcomri teams and their ability to execute an end-to-end lifecycle strategy,” said Robert Price, ch. CEO of Amcomri. “Left Behind – Rise of the Antichrist is Amcomri’s biggest production to date, and we’re thrilled to see theaters across North America requesting extended runs following the positive response from audiences.”

“‘Left Behind – Rise of the Antichrist’ highlights Amcomri’s strategic ambitions in controlling a fully diversified content library all the way from development to production and distribution.” We are thrilled with the early response from major US retailers placing orders for the DVD version of the film, and as our distribution teams now begin international and digital sales, this film is a clear reflection of our progress in expanding our production and distribution capabilities in global markets, including North America.

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Along with the release of Left Behind – Rise of the Antichrist, the Amcomri team has achieved a number of successes following its presence in industry markets, including the Toronto International Film Festival, MIPCOM, the Richard Harris International Film Festival (of which the Company was a major sponsor) and the US film market. Amcomri has seen a fantastic response in these markets, with many deals to sell across its platform for content in films, TV series and documentaries, including titles such as ‘Marlene’, ‘Shamrock Spitfire’, ‘Frankenstein Legacy’, ‘The Ghost of Richard Harris ‘ and ‘Bad Things in the Middle of Nowhere’.

Amcomri’s television and documentary subsidiary, Abacus Media Rights, has secured sales of almost 400 hours of programming in Australia and New Zealand following the acquisition of Australian content business, Flame Media, in June 2022.

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Amcomri Entertainment Inc. (NEO: AMEN) (Frankfurt: 25Y0) provides global distribution opportunities for independent producers of films, documentaries and television series, as well as for its own in-house productions. With decades of experience across all key media platforms, Amcomri is quickly becoming the team of choice for independent producers seeking the widest possible audience for their productions. The group of companies Amcomri Entertainment Inc. includes 101 Films, 101 Films International, Hollywood Classics International, Appreciated Media Global, Amcomri Productions and Abacus Media Rights.

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