Sam Smith’s ‘dirty’ music video sparks controversy: Critics slam ‘hypersexualised’ dancing

Sam Smith has sparked controversy over ‘oversexualised’ dancing in their new music video, with critics saying it ‘normalises pornography’ in pop culture – but fans say it’s ’empowering’.

The “dirty” video for the singer’s new track I’m Not Here To Make Friends has sparked debate over whether there should be an age limit on platforms such as YouTube due to its alleged explicit content.

It shows them arriving at a castle by helicopter before dancing alongside a host of performers wearing corsets, suspenders and nipple tassels.

In other scenes, the dancers are filmed slowly pushing themselves onto a bed wearing only black leather underwear and surrounding Smith, who is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them, as he dances provocatively.

Sam Smith is seen wearing a corset, suspenders and nipple tassels in their new music video for I’m Not Here To Make Friends

The 30-year-old singer last week released the video for the new track, part of their new album Gloria.

But on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, journalist Alex Phillips said the music video was “unhealthy” for society.

She added: “We live in an age now where pornography is becoming so normalised. It’s in music videos, it’s fast fashion that’s marketed to teenagers, and we also live in an age where we know people are being sexually assaulted at school.

“You have to have websites where people say, ‘I’m going through these horrible experiences.’ You have dirt going on in WhatsApp groups among police officers.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the reporting of things like sexual assault and sexual assault, relationships breaking up, the generation of swiping left and swiping right. it’s bad, it’s unhealthy, it’s not good for society and it’s a symptom of that.”

Meanwhile, radio host Shivani Dave defended the singer, claiming that past stars like Madonna would not have received such criticism if they had released such a video.

She said: “Miley Cyrus has done it, Nicki Minaj has done it – so many people have done it.

“What I think is the difference here is that Sam Smith was assigned male at birth and we’re not used to seeing people who are assigned male at birth dancing around in underwear and corsets and things like that.”

Dave added: “Madonna did that. There were people who said it was over-sexualised and it wasn’t on TV in the morning – people didn’t discuss it in the same way.

Similarly, viewers were also mixed on their views on the music video on social media.

Some said the video should be kept out of reach of children and looks like a Playboy photo shoot.

Appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain today, journalist Alex Phillips said the music video was

Appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today, journalist Alex Phillips said the music video was “unhealthy” for society

Sam Smith has caused a stir over their new music video.  Pictured: The singer performs on stage at Capital's 2022 Jingle Bell Ball

Sam Smith has caused a stir over their new music video. Pictured: The singer performs on stage at Capital’s 2022 Jingle Bell Ball

One tweeted: “It’s vulgar…Sam Smith has a great voice but his video is offensive. I sure don’t want my kid to see it..

“Less is more, Sam. How this can be seen as “empowerment” is beyond me. A sign of these crazy times if anyone thinks this is good!’

A second said: “I totally agree with Alex and this should be banned, it’s disgraceful.”

A third added: “It’s time to raise the bar on pop videos. So many of them are nothing more than porn, soft or otherwise. What are these people trying to do to our children?’

But some fans were quick to defend them, accusing them of hypocrisy over similar music videos released by female singers.

One said: “Whether you like Sam Smith or not, there were far worse videos in the 80s and 90s. There are always calls to ban these things. People like freedom of expression only when it is convenient for them.

Another tweeted: “Damn, lots of pearl clutching! Does anyone remember the 70’s and 80’s. Do you remember Tubes or Divine? Keep it up everyone It’s been done before.’

A third said: “I see no difference between them and a woman doing the same. It is what it is. They are living their best life.

A fourth added: “I’m not a fan of Sam Smith but I don’t see any difference to the types of videos made by people like Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna etc. They weren’t discussed on television.”

The debate came after GMB presenter Richard Madeley had to apologize for misrepresenting Smith on the show.

Sam, 30, is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them, and Richard was talking about the scenes in Sam’s video when he accidentally called them “he”.

As a group discussed the video, Richard said they “had a point” and informed him that they also use the pronouns they/them.

Richard apologized a second time and said: “I am very sorry. I will learn to do it.

Gloria, Sam’s fourth studio album, was released on Friday and is their first full-length in three years.

It was dropped after almost a year of public preparation by Sam, who released his first single Love Me More in April 2022.

Sam revealed on Friday that they were spat on in the street after revealing that they were not binary.

The Grammy winner changed their gender pronouns to they/them in 2019 and said they wished they had done it sooner, but also opened up about the shocking backlash.

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