San Antonio fights to lift ban on business regulation

To combat the recent pro-labor and environmental initiatives moving through the state’s urban centers, a conservative West Texas lawmaker is proposing a bill aimed at stripping local governments of the power to regulate a wide range of policy areas beyond the rules already in place. determined by the state.

Although supporters and opponents of the proposal agree that the sweeping approach is almost certain to have some unintended consequences, House Bill 2127, filed by state Rep. Dustin Burroughs (R-Lubbock), has the enthusiastic support of powerful business groups eager to prevent potentially paid sick leave mandates, predictable scheduling regulations and plastic bag bans that they say threaten the state’s pro-business reputation.

“As a state, we’ve had a lot of success — I think every session I’ve been governor — in repealing local regulations,” Gov. Greg Abbott told members of the National Federation of Independent Business at a luncheon in Austin last month. “What we are aiming to do this session [with HB 2127] is more of a broad move.’

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