SCOR Investment Partners is expanding its sustainable investments

PRESS RELEASE | November 24, 2022 No 07 – 2022

SCOR Investment Partners is expanding its sustainable investment offerings, with startup on a corporate loan fund focused on the conservation of natural capital

SCOR Investment Partners, a responsible investor focused on growing their sustainability platform, announces the launch of a new corporate loan fund focused on environmental sustainability and natural capital conservation: SCOR Euro Loans Natural Capital.

The SCOR Euro Loans Natural Capital fund aims to finance companies that are committed to limiting their impact on the environment through sustainable use of water, energy or a waste reduction policy. The fund, classified as Article 9 under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), received LuxFLAG ESG candidate fund status1. The closed-end fund structure allows investors to benefit from favorable current investment conditions and offers a gross target return of Euribor+5%2.

With an experienced investment team specializing in corporate lending, SCOR Investment Partners is committed to developing innovative sustainable strategies for institutional investors. The fund invests exclusively in sustainability-related loans with environmental objectives related to waste, water and energy management.

SCOR Euro Loans Natural Capital is open to institutional investors and has secured an initial commitment of €50 million from SCOR Group as lead investor. The fund targets a total of €500 million in liabilities.

Fabrice Rosari, CEO of SCOR Investment Partners, commented: “Conservation of natural capital comes first core on on a lot decisions that must be made to protect future generations. If managed effectively, all three factors – water, waste, and energy – have a significant contribution to environmental protection. Investors, both asset owners and investment fund managers, clear have a role to play in this regard. This new strategy reinforces our position as a responsible investor serving the real economy and supporting future generations.”

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For more informationplease contact Louis Bourrousse, Head of Business Development, +33 1 58 44 78 62, [email protected]

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SCOR Investment Partners is the asset management arm of the SCOR Group. Established in 2008 and accredited by the financiers of the Autorité des Marches, the French financial market regulator, in May 2009 (No. GP09000006), SCOR Investment Partners has more than 80 employees and is structured around seven management divisions: Fixed Income, Corporate Loans, Infrastructure Loans, Direct Real Estate, Real Estate Loans, Securities Insurance Linked and Fund Selection. Since 2012, SCOR Investment Partners has provided institutional investors with access to some of the investment strategies developed for SCOR Group. Assets under management for external investors totaled €6.1 billion as of September 30, 2022. As of the same date, SCOR Investment Partners had total assets under management of €18.4 billion (including undrawn liabilities).

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2 This goal is not a return guarantee, just a goal

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