Share your research in public at Pint of Science Loughborough |  News and events

Share your research in public at Pint of Science Loughborough | News and events

The Pint of Science International Science Festival returns to Loughborough in May and PhD students, technical and research staff from across the University are encouraged to get involved.

Some of the Pint of Science 2023 Loughborough team

Some of the Pint of Science 2023 Loughborough team

From 13 to 15 May, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm each night, Loughborough University’s research community will be making their way from labs and offices to local cafes, restaurants and pubs to share their research stories.

The bar has been set high as a team of PhD students from Loughborough launched Pint of Science Loughborough 2023 with a great program of events which sold out quickly and had the second highest attendance of any campaign in the UK.

This year the organizing team at Loughborough PhD College is aiming even higher with an even bigger and more varied programme. Green hydrogen chemical engineering PhD student Esther Mgbemeje and team leader said: “Pint of Science is a great way to talk about research with a new audience. It’s fun, you can grow your research network, explore exciting synergies and build great connections with researchers across disciplines.

The limited edition Tardigrade (aka Moss Piglet) merchandise, including t-shirts, was in high demand last year and we can’t wait to share this year’s great kit with everyone who is part of #Pint24 Loughborough!”

Professor Dan Parsons, Professional Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation at Loughborough, said: “I am absolutely delighted that our PhD students are once again taking the lead in planning a great program of events to engage our local communities.

“Pint of Science gives local people a compelling insight into the real-world importance of research taking place across the university, spanning the breadth of our three institutional strategic themes, and engages them in lively discussion. And for members of our research community who are new to public engagement, it’s a great place to test ideas in a supportive peer environment – ​​and most importantly, have fun! I encourage our PhD students and our staff to get involved!”

To get involved, please register for the topics by March 13 using the program links below.

Atoms to galaxies

Nanoscience(related to particle physics, chemistry, quantum physics, etc.).
Mathematics/Physics(Includes pure mathematics, theoretical physics, mathematical education, etc.).
space(related to astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, etc.)

Apply online

Our body

Biology (eg genetics, stem cell biology, cancer biology, gene editing, neurobiology, etc.).
Medicine (eg drug design, advances in disease therapy, effect of drugs on the human body, etc.).
Hello (e.g. diet, exercise, sports, nutrition, effect of packaged food on human health, etc.)

Apply online

Planet Earth

Evolution of our landscapes– Geographers, civil engineers, chemists and historians can discuss physical and human-induced changes to our local, national and global landscapes.
Water worlds – Focuses on the importance, diversity and challenges of aquatic ecosystems from rivers and lakes to oceans and wetlands.
The future of our planet– A panel discussion presenting what the future may hold for our planet; theories, challenges and changing environments.

Apply online

Tech Me Out

Exploring the achievements of artificial intelligence and machine learning
Out of reality – Virtual reality and augmented reality.
Securing the future – Investigating emerging threats and cybersecurity solutions

Apply online

Creative reactions

Collaborative gallery creation – Showcasing visual creative responses to science in a gallery space for one evening
Panel to bridge the gap– We will invite collaborating scholars and artists to a panel session to discuss our work together
An evening with an open mic (scope).An evening of spoken word, music and any other type of short performance you have!

Apply online

Our society

The climate and you – Through the social prism
Mapping gender mainstreaming in the UK – Past Present Future
Is society the same as social media?

Apply online

Beautiful Mind

Attention – Five speakers with mindfulness research are needed to present an interactive session and/or panel discussion.
The power of the mind – Six current PhD students are asked to share their research in psychology or related fields.
A night with the intellectual experts – Two scientists are required to share their research in neuroscience, psychiatry or related fields and deliver an interactive workshop to the public.

Apply online

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