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Shohei Ohtani’s digital signage is displayed in Dodger Stadium’s center field before the team introduces the two-way star as its newest member. (Wally Scalridge/Los Angeles Times)

The Dodgers need a right-handed hitter with some power. How about free agent Justin Turner? He hits medium and hard. Can play 3B, 1B or DH if needed. He’s popular with fans and he’s from SoCal!

Barry’s belly joke

Spokane Valley, Washington


Clayton Kershaw needs to be signed by the Dodgers as soon as possible. He’s this generation’s Sandy Koufax; a Hall of Fame pitcher who is a Dodger for life. He’s still a great pitcher. He was No. 2 in ERA among major league pitchers last season. Tyler Glasnow was 18th. Kershaw was sixth in WHIP. Glasnow was eighth. Kershaw was 13-5 and logged 131 innings. Glasnow was 10-7 and logged 120 innings. Sign Clayton NOW!

Joe Hernandez



To all the people sending letters criticizing the Dodgers for signing Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto…we should be thankful that our team has ownership that wants to win and the resources to make that happen. Thank you Dodgers. See you at Camelback Ranch and Chavez Ravine.

Mark Gerber



While Dodger fans are extremely excited about being the winners of both the Ohtani and Yamamoto sweepstakes, and besides themselves, I wonder if they’ll even stop for a moment to consider the possible reality that their team is destroying Major League Baseball and that Major League Baseball allows them to do so.

I wonder what the other 29 teams are thinking … and how on earth can they compete? What is the possible end of the amount the Dodgers will spend to finally win the postseason?

James Schweitzer


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The Miller Moss effect

Beat the foam. It’s “Miller Time” at USC. The Trojans’ new quarterback gave the SC faithful reason to celebrate this year.

Danny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach


I’m mad that Caleb Williams is at the Holiday Bowl. He should not be allowed in the stadium, and coach Lincoln Riley allows him to be on the sidelines. He left the team. College football players are no longer loyal to their teams for purely monetary reasons. Williams has no business attending the game.

Jack Dietz

The fifth

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What about Andy Enfield?

I wasn’t entirely surprised that some letters published last week criticized UCLA basketball coach Mick Cronin, with one even saying he should start interviewing for another job. Yes, the team is struggling with eight freshmen and three sophomores on the roster. My main question is why does the coach across town get a pass? With the nation’s top recruit and a preseason top-20 ranking, Andy Enfield and USC have a 6-5 record and zero poll votes.

In his first four full years at UCLA, Cronin made the NCAA Tournament every year, including the Final Four and two Sweet 16s, and won the Pac-12 Conference by four games last season. In its 10 years, Enfield has made the tournament five times, lost in the first round three times and never won a conference title. I’m glad USC basketball fans are settling for mediocrity and not writing letters that their coach should consider interviewing elsewhere. I hope he has a long and medium career at USC.

Jack Nelson

The angels

Should horse racing survive?

“California horse racing is at a crossroads. Can it survive?” Why should it? So people can bet? Hopefully it doesn’t depend on the state purse. I have no problem: people like what they like. It’s good, but it’s largely a niche sport as the luster has all but faded. Unfortunately, it cannot temporarily designate public roads as the dying auto racing industry can also do. I don’t think many people will mourn his passing or even notice. I’m sorry

William N. Hawke

Manhattan Beach

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On toasters and pop-tarts

With star athletes opting out of bowl games to prepare for the NFL or join the transfer portal, the rankings on which bowl assignments are based have become almost meaningless. What were ridiculous bowl games (Famous Toastery or Pop-Tarts Bowl, anyone?) are now the refuge of the desperate. Is it too much to hope that with the arrival of the 12-team College Football Playoff — where participation can actually matter — that other bowl games fade into the obscurity they deserve?

Peter Maraduddin



I see a number of players not playing in their team’s bowl games because they entered the transfer portal or didn’t want to risk getting injured before the NFL draft. This obviously leaves their teams to use second row players/subs in their stead.

As it seems (obviously) the major college sports of football and basketball are quickly becoming (if not already) professionalized as minor league teams for the pro leagues, how about treating the players as such? Specifically, have them sign contracts with the college they enroll at that includes a clause(s) covering their late season play/bowl games. These contracts will include non-participation penalties such as waiver of transfer opportunity and monetary penalties for missing out before the draft, said monetary penalties based on a percentage of the contract they sign with the pro team. This would at least compensate the schools for the “scholarship” money paid to the athlete and/or money earned by the athlete while attending the school.

John Snyder

Newbury Park


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