Shocking video shows a shot driver in road rage after smashing into a car window in Indiana

By Dominic Yeatman for Dailymail.Com

23:04 21 December 2023, updated 01:13 22 December 2023

A furious debate has erupted after a court dismissed charges against an Indiana driver who repeatedly shot one driver and injured another in a near-fatal road accident in the middle of Fort Wayne.

Shocking dashcam video captured the moment a van driven by Jason Henkle, 42, veered from the median into the inside lane, rear-ending a sedan driven by Alexander Mozzi, 19.

Seconds later, Mozee accelerates and pulls up in front, bringing Henkle’s van to a halt as the lights turn red at Maplecrest Road.

The teenager jumps out of his car, followed by his passenger, and swings at Henkle’s driver’s seat window, shattering the glass as he crashes right through it.

Henkle reached for his Ruger .380 pistol, hit Mozee twice and poured glass over another driver whose window had been shattered by a stray bullet.

Dashcam footage captures Henkle’s red van clipping Mozee’s car as it swings from the middle to the near lane
Seconds later, Mozee swerves his car in front of Henkle’s, jumps out and approaches Henkle’s car, where he swings his fist at the passenger window, shattering the glass and hitting his target in the head with the same blow
Mozee swings out of the van and into a moving car while reeling from the impact of the gunshot wounds

Mozee was not seriously injured and Henkle was arrested on charges of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, while Mozee was charged with battery.

Mozee was hit in the arm and shoulder and can be seen stumbling around clutching his arm.

Henkle told police he fired three times to protect himself and his wife after Mozzi hit him in the side of the head with the same swing that broke his window.

Another driver nearby told police he heard up to four gunshots and suffered a large head wound after bullets shattered his passenger window and one came to rest in his car.

Mozee has a pending court date, but Henkle’s charges were dismissed by Allen Superior Court to the amazement of some Reddit posters.

“In my state, if you use deadly force in an act of self-defense, you must have made all reasonable attempts to de-escalate the situation before shooting someone,” PerdidoStation wrote.

“Trying to run someone off the road is definitely not de-escalation.”

“Sorry homie, if you pull up in front of a car and run out to hit them, you’re inciting violence,” st_samples added.

“A car in the left lane crashed like an idiot, but the red car looked like they did a straight hit and run,” wrote 1knightstands.

The Red Car then tried to kill a kid who was banging on their window. The red car is 96 percent of the problem here.

The teenager stumbles around clutching his injured hand and nursing two gunshot wounds after his encounter with Henkle
A third driver was injured when one of Henkel’s bullets struck his car, shattering a window and sending shards of glass

“All he had to do to avoid a confrontation and get out of that situation was to let off the gas pedal for 5 seconds,” Filosofsky added.

Road rage has been implicated in about 300 deaths over the past ten years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, including 230 homicides.

The incident in Fort Wayne reminded some of the October attack in Portland, when wealthy businessman Jeffrey E. Hammond, 46, shot and killed another driver before pointing his gun at a pedestrian after the driver “pointed the finger” at him.

After the November 19 incident, hundreds were invited to comment, including many who believed neither driver should be on the road.

“Completely uninvolved people have the potential to die or get shot because of idiots like this,” Packattack wrote.

“If you see something like this happening, you better stop your car and wait 10 minutes for the idiots to leave because you never know when a shootout might break out.”

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