‘Silent previews’ are all the rage – TikTok users are calling it the new ‘Get ready with me’ trend

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Totally ditches the influencers No words — and social media users couldn’t be happier.

Scrolling through an endless loop of TikTok talking heads, each convincing a digital audience to buy or try the latest bottle, book, snack, or beauty hack, is getting stale.

So now, instead of constantly snapping their gums about the goodies they hope to promote, cyber trendsetters take a golden vow of silence.

“People online are tired of everyone having an opinion on things,” New York luxury content creator Cassie Thorpe, 30, of Hell’s Kitchen, told The Post.

“Sometimes they just want influencers to show them whatever they’re promoting without saying a word.”

Enter the #SilentReviews trend.

The antithesis of the ever-fashionable Get Ready With Me trend, or #GRWM — the 175.5 billion-viewed movement that makes TikTok tastemakers squirm as they walk their followers through their getting-ready processes — the new quiet review craze. with more than 118 million views, offers fans a no-nonsense appreciation of an item or whim with a welcome twist of ASMR.

A highly appealing sensation for most, ASMR, or Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response, refers to a pleasurable tingling sensation around the head and neck that is triggered by visual and auditory stimuli.

And silent reviewers like Thorpe, whose silent commentary on her collection of designer mini bags has garnered more than 5.7 million views, rely on the audio-induced boost to stoke internal fires in their online fan bases.

Pena has amassed over 416,000 views on her silent pop review. TikTok/stephaniepena__

In her crowd-pleasing clip, Thorpe can be heard snapping her claw-like nails into the leathers of her Dior, Chanel, Bulgari and Jacquemus purses, fiddling with their straps, zipping and unbuttoning as she shows off each bag’s style .

Lifestyle influencer Stephanie Peña, however, slipped in a few light whispers during her quiet audit of prebiotic Poppi soda flavors.

Makeup artist May Tam uses exaggerated hand gestures and sounds to convey her honest thoughts on beauty products like Laneige’s sleeping mask and Yves Saint Laurent’s lipsticks to her more than 3.3 million viewers.

Silence has become more and more fashionable among virtual players in the last few years.

In August, Gen Z with a yen for silent fitness sparked the #SilentWalk trend, encouraging people to take a leisurely walk without headphones or other noisy distractions. And a number of digital entrepreneurs are cashing in, including UK-born Lottie Fellows, 20, who earned a whopping $58,000 sharing videos of herself speaking softly.

And while silent reviews are quickly being adopted by influencers of all niches, it was actually pioneered in October by a creator known exclusively as Stephanie, 35, a member of TikTok’s book-loving community, #BookTok.

In her introductory post, the avid reader used ASMR to praise and rave about a series of volumes to an audience of nearly 371,000 bookworms.

TikTok influencer Stephanie from Hawaii does a silent book review. TikTok/stephreadsalot

Millennium told The Post that she had no intention of starting a digital phenomenon. Instead, she just wanted to be “silly.”

“I hit record, sat down and started throwing it,” she said. “My first video really took off… I was compared to Mr. Bean, the Minions and Ryan Reynolds.”

“So many people commented things like, ‘I understand everything you’re not saying.’

However, as a result of the trend’s supersonic boom, Stephanie, a married mother of two from Hawaii, has since avoided the craze.

“I feel like I’ve created a monster,” she admitted in a video released in November.

“I’m so happy and excited that so many people have gotten in on the trend,” Stephanie continued. “But how big the silent reviews have gotten has dramatically waned my interest in doing them.”

Her slightly dampened enthusiasm aside, the creator says silent reviews will always have a special place in her heart — and on her social media.

“I like to do quiet reviews, but I don’t want that to be the only thing I do,” Stephanie told The Post. “Part of what makes posting on TikTok fun is constantly coming up with new, silly, and fun ways to talk about books.

“I still post at least one silent review every month and will probably continue to do so until the end of time.”

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