SLIMCRYSTAL Water Bottle Reviews – Is It Worth Drinking Real Slimming Water?

The SLIMCRYSTAL bottle is a water bottle that allows users to infuse water with impressive healing properties for better weight loss, digestion and more. The SLIMCRYSTAL water bottle is easy to maintain and users will never need to refill the crystals to continue receiving health benefits.


Everyone knows that they should constantly drink water. Proper hydration is essential to the human body, and most people don’t realize that water isn’t delivering all that it can. Some people spend hundreds of dollars a month buying bottled water with proper pH and purity levels, but they could avoid that expense with a bottle of water that does all the work for them.

With the SLIMCRYSTAL bottle, users can shed unwanted pounds by drinking this slimming water frequently. This quality of water is strikingly different from what people drink today because tap and bottled water are lifeless. This type of water needs to be revitalized to make the difference by stimulating energy in the body so it can be reused. SLIMCRYSTAL slimming water promotes better health and longevity, revitalizing water like no other product can.

When water has been stored in pools for a long time, it becomes lifeless and dead. It also travels hundreds of kilometers before it is processed enough to drink, leaving no minerals or energy to fuel consumers. Tap and bottled water must go through a restructuring and revitalization process that maintains the benefits of the water it was intended for. Unfortunately, users miss out because the body wastes energy to eliminate toxins.

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How does SLIMCRYSTAL improve drinking water?

The revitalization that SLIMCRYSTAL bottles offer allows users to re-energize from within the container. Water quality makes a significant difference in consumer benefit, which is why the makers of SLIMCRYSTAL bottles make such a big difference.

SLIMCRYSTAL team researchers focused on bringing more life and power to water using quartz crystals. Exposing the water to these crystals slowly revives it, turning it into the living water that users need. This small change creates a significant improvement in weight loss and overall health.

As the water is exposed to the crystals, it helps to revive it properly. Using these crystals helps the water regain its hexagonal structure. This structure is the perfect form of water, showing the distinct difference between dead and living water. According to Wikipedia, “The term ‘hexagonal water’ refers to a cluster of water molecules forming a hexagonal shape, which is said to improve nutrient absorption, remove metabolic waste and improve cellular communication, among other things.”

As water revives and lives again, the consuming water is now alive. The body should not waste unnecessary energy trying to convert it. Instead, it gets healthy water from the start, offering more energy than it needs. The process takes very little time to make a difference. In fact, in studies on the effects of the bottle, the user only had to wait less than 15 minutes to see a dramatic change.

This SLIMCRYSTAL bottle, led by Michael Bishop, comes from his countless hours of research, discovering that using the right crystals in the right combination is enough to help bring water back. After all this research, Michael found that using crystals was a method adopted by ancient cultures.

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The 9 crystals on the SLIMCRYSTAL bottle

To get the desired benefits of SLIMCRYSTAL, the creators included:

  • Amethyst
  • Clear quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Citrine
  • carnelian
  • Sodalite
  • Red agate
  • Red jasper
  • Green aventurine

Crystals work together cohesively to help energy levels and metabolism. It allows the body to heal from various conditions and reduces appetite. With these changes, users can promote better digestion and lose weight quickly. Users report feeling more confident and motivated using this solution, and it can help internal organs be maintained more efficiently. They also found that they were more conscious about making healthier choices.

Purchase a bottle of SLIMCRYSTAL

Users can shop on the official website to purchase a SLIMCRYSTAL water bottle. The SLIMCRYSTAL website offers a current promotion with a discount of $117.00

  • One SLIMCRYSTAL $117.00 + $9.95 Shipping + One Free SLIMCRYSTAL Bracelet
  • Two SLIMCRYSTAL $97.00 each + Two Free SLIMCRYSTAL Bracelets + Free Shipping

Consumers who are not satisfied with their SLIMCRYSTAL bottles can receive a full refund for their order within 60 days of the original purchase.

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Frequently asked questions about SLIMCRYSTAL

Q. Are SLIMCRYSTAL bottles safe?

A. Yes. These natural crystals will not put users at risk and are safe to use. Plus, the creators use an FDA-registered facility that follows GMP standards, first testing for purity and potency.

Q. Is there evidence that water changes when in SLIMCRYSTAL bottles?

A. Yes. Multiple laboratories have already tested the effects on oxygen content and pH balance after bottling. According to the tests, the water becomes hexagonal and mimics the same levels as a natural spring.

Q. How can crystals affect water without being directly placed in it?

A. Although many users are led to believe that the only way to infuse crystals into water is by dissolving them in it, the energy of the crystals is transferred into the water, giving it the healing properties that users want when they drink it. These properties eventually reach the cells and help users promote natural weight loss.

Q. How can consumers be confident that SLIMCRYSTAL bottles will help them lose weight?

A. According to current research on the effects of this water bottle, users consistently experience improved weight loss, improved digestion and more energy. It also maintains the overall health of anyone who uses it consistently.

Q: What if users do not experience the health benefits that SLIMCRYSTAL claims?

A. Although the creators behind this bottle state that anyone can greatly benefit from its use, anyone who doesn’t get the benefits they were hoping for can request a refund with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Q. Will SLIMCRYSTAL make the water taste different?

A. Yes. However, the change in taste is relatively subtle and pleasant. Users also find that it positively changes the structure of the water.

Q. How should users clean their SLIMCRYSTAL bottle?

A. To clean the bottle, users should wash the bottom and inner chamber by hand. All other components can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.

Q. How long will the crystals be able to give off good energy?

A. The crystals will continue to offer healing power to the water as long as users use it. There is no need to recharge it and there is no risk of the crystals becoming less effective over time. To ensure that users get the support that these creators advertise, they extract the crystals from natural sources that were created centuries ago.

Q. Is the SLIMCRYSTAL bottle breakable?

A. Although many may think this bottle is extremely fragile, it is made to be extremely durable. The glass blowers that developed them made them strong enough to last a long time, but users should still remember to handle them with the same care as any other glassware. Do not drop, freeze, or microwave.

Q. How long does it take for consumers to receive their SLIMCRYSTAL bottle?

A. Shipped by UPS, most orders are processed within 24 hours. They should receive their order within 5-14 business days from the order date.

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Q. What is the best number of SLIMCRYSTAL bottles to order?

A. To get the lowest price per bottle, consumers must order at least two bottles. They will also receive an additional free bracelet with this order.

Q. How long will the SLIMCRYSTAL discount last?

A. The discount sale on SLIMCRYSTAL bottles is temporary. Users can get this discount if the offer remains on the official website.

Q. Will users be billed a second time as part of a subscription?

This purchase is a one-time charge and will never be charged a second time. Consumers will need to place another order if they want additional water bottles.

If the customer has any other questions, he can contact the customer service team by sending an email to:


SLIMCRYSTAL bottles help consumers improve their health and promote weight loss. No ingredients other than the crystals in the glass are used and each water bottle is personally crafted by a glassblower who knows his craft extremely well. Users should hand wash some parts of the SLIMCRYSTAL water bottle; however, the other parts are dishwasher safe.

SLIMCRYSTAL water bottle can support improved weight loss, digestion and energye is available at an incredible discount for a limited time.

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