Sony’s patent could allow the game’s difficulty to adapt to the player as they play


  • Sony is developing a new feature for PlayStation consoles that adjusts game difficulty in real-time, providing players with an optimal level of challenge.
  • This feature introduces algorithms to fine-tune difficulty settings based on each player’s performance.
  • The goal is to create a seamless gaming experience where players don’t have to manually adjust difficulty settings and the game adapts to their skills and weaknesses.

It looks like Sony is working on an interesting new feature for its Game console consoles, which will allow its games to adjust their difficulty level in real time as the player progresses. Ideally, this would make PlayStation users always enjoy an appropriate difficulty level without having to adjust it themselves.

This feature is already seen in games like The MLB Show, where a player’s success or failure is measured and reacted to as the game automatically adjusts its difficulty setting. This helps prevent frustration from the game seeming too hard, as well as boredom from the game seeming too easy. It seems that Sony is intrigued by this idea, which could lead to a new era in the way they enjoy single-player games. However, Sony’s system seems much more robust.


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As reported by Insider Gaming, Sony recently published a patent that describes this new difficulty setting mechanic. It seems to build on the aforementioned idea by introducing algorithms that fine-tune the difficulty settings for each specific player. These algorithms will measure how the player handles certain types of mechanics or challenges within the game and adjust them accordingly. For example, if a player struggles with reaction time but not other factors, then the new feature will only adjust aspects of the game that help alleviate slower reaction times, while leaving other aspects unaffected.

drawing that explains sony's patented hard adjustment feature

The patent further describes that there is often too much of a difference between difficulty levels in games, with one seeming too easy and the next too hard. Ideally, this new feature will create a seamless experience for gamers of all kinds. Users will be able to enjoy the impressive range of PlayStation games without having to test different difficulty settings, and the game will be fine-tuned according to their own skills or weaknesses.

This feature can also remove the idea of ​​famously difficult games like Dark souls. However, this is likely to be an optional feature for players to use.

This news follows other interesting patents published recently, such as Sony’s history repeat patent. This feature would register various “trigger points”, which are described as major story moments within a game, and allow the user to seamlessly replay these trigger points at any time, similar to skipping between scenes on a movie player. Sony described how this feature will even allow players to replay certain choices in the game, allowing them to pick up from a trigger point and start an entirely new timeline.

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5

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