Sony’s Venom movies will NEVER show Eddie’s dark reason for being a hero


  • Venom’s transformation into a defender of the innocent stems from a dark event in Eddie Brock’s past where he accidentally killed a neighborhood kid in a car accident.
  • Eddie’s father, a respected member of the community, forces him to plead not guilty and cover up the crime, leading Eddie to want to protect innocent people from those who avoid the consequences.
  • While Venom may not be considered a hero by society’s standards, Eddie’s desire to spare innocent people from evil makes him the deadly protector they need.

This cannot be denied Poison originally started out as one of Spider-Man’s most brutal villains, but over time he became a defender of the innocent. Some people may wonder what caused this transformation, and it turns out the reason is too dark for anyone at Sony Poison movies. Eddie Brock admits the reason he feels compelled to protect innocent people, and it’s extremely dark.

Readers were shown exactly where Eddie’s desire to protect innocent people came from Poison #10 by Donnie Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Meyer, Frank Martin and Clayton Cowles. This story sees Eddie Brock explain his past to his son Dylan, which includes the fact that Eddie was in a car accident when he was a teenager. He had stolen his father’s car and was rushing to get it back before his father got home when, in his drunken haste, he ran over and killed a neighborhood kid.

Eddie was overcome with guilt and wanted to confess to the crime, but his father, a wealthy and respected member of the community, beat Eddie until he agreed to plead not guilty. Eddie was able to get away without consequence, not even a trace in his permanent archive.

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Eddie Brock had blood on his hands before he became VenomEddie's father beats him senseless

When he first appeared in comics, Venom was the dark opposite of Spider-Man and one of his worst villains. Over time, as Venom’s popularity grew, he got his own comic book series and Eddie became more of an anti-hero. Although Eddie has a deep dislike for Spider-Man, he has never wanted to hurt innocent people. Even in his first few appearances, we saw him team up with Spider-Man against the Slaughterhouse to help save innocent lives. This highlights the fact that while Eddie was a villain, he was never a monster. However, Eddie believes that he is monster and that there are other monsters and someone has to protect the innocent from them.

Although Venom is firmly an anti-hero, his desire to be a hero at all and not an outright villain comes from what his father put him through. Eddie was a stupid teenager and killed an innocent child by mistake, and Eddie wanted to do the right thing and take his punishment. Instead, his father refused to let him, beating him brutally until he promised to plead not guilty. Thanks to his father’s influence, Eddie was able to avoid prison or any real consequences, and Eddie knows that there are other bad people who are also avoiding consequences. Because of this, Eddie wants to protect the people that no one else wants, he wants to be able to protect this little kid that he killed that no one protected from him.

Venom must protect the innocent from people like him

Eddie Brock protects innocents from people like him

Eddie’s journey as Venom has taken him to some very dark places. He’s been a villain and he’s been an anti-hero, but the only consistent thing about him is his desire to spare innocent people from harm. It was born out of one of the darkest moments in Eddie’s life. Eddie may not be a hero by most people’s standards, but like Poison he can be the deadly defender that innocent people need.

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