Speaking Tour in Texas and Beyond: Lisa Bethea

Whether it’s by car or plane, there’s a sense of adventure about what lies ahead, from the food we’ll eat to the places we’ll see. Going places is magical. At least the idea of ​​it.

But the reality? Travel plans always seem to come to a screeching halt in some stressful situation. Packing, planning, booking and everything else can be overwhelming. We want the journey to be fun. You too. Local profile reached out to eight people in the Collin County community to get their opinions and advice on all things travel.

January 2023 marks 10 years for Bethea with Visit Frisco. She began her career in broadcast journalism writing and producing for two of the market’s top seven television stations. She decided to try her hand at hospitality, landing at Frisco’s largest hotel and conference center, then working her way up from entry level to sales within a few months. Since joining Visit Frisco, Bethea has been promoted to director of destination services and has grown her department to include a focus on community partnerships; serving our customers while championing all things Frisco.

What is your favorite travel destination in Texas?
I really enjoy taking my kids to Frisco Commons Park in Frisco when we want a nearby destination. If we want the road trip feeling, we head to Dinosaur Valley State Park. They love to walk the trails and look for fossils.

What do you consider a “basic” when packing?
Change of clothes. No matter what the weather apps say, always be prepared for anything.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?
A train. Visit Frisco has partnered with the American Railroad Museum and TrainTopia. Both attractions gave me a greater appreciation for railroads and what they mean to our nation’s history and growth.

How can you save money while traveling?
I’ve become a master at packing light and carrying only the essentials.

What do you look for when booking a vacation?
I’m looking for a place that has a pedestrianized entertainment area, a great place to walk around and experience the local culture.

What travel trick or tip do you follow?
If I’m visiting a big attraction, I like to go as early as possible to avoid long lines.

What’s your favorite travel snack?
Gummy Bears! It was chocolate, but traveling with candy in the Texas heat is almost impossible.

What is your most memorable trip to Texas? Outside of Texas?
I remember traveling to Houston on road trips as a kid. My family would laugh at me when we passed the Sam Houston statue. For some reason I always called him Colonel Sanders. Outside of Texas, when we were young we went back home to New York quite often. Tennessee was always the longest state we had to go through on our travels, but it was where we always found the best places to eat off the beaten path.

How do you spend your time traveling? On the plane?
I’m a travel watcher. I feel like I spend so much time looking at other people’s bumpers on my daily commute. But traveling gives you time to relax and enjoy the scenery a bit. On the plane, I usually catch up on reading or enjoy a podcast to pass the time.

Are there any hidden gems you’ve come across while traveling in Texas?
Limestone Quarry Park in Frisco is a favorite. For our longer trips, the kids love to stop at Wonder World Cave & Adventure Park. Once they get into the Antigravity House there, it’s hard to get them out.

How do you decide where to go?
Sometimes our travel destinations are dictated by work – we just make the most of the trip. But we are quite open once we find that we have a free day or afternoon. The most important thing is not to let the opportunity pass us by.

Do you have any favorite camping or hiking destinations in Texas?
We really love visiting Lake Texoma State Park. It’s a quick drive and there are several hiking trails to discover in the park.

What time of year do you prefer to go on vacation?
I like to travel in the fall when things slow down a bit. I feel like I have more time to focus on the moment and not worry so much about what work is waiting for me when I get back.

Do you have any upcoming travel plans?
I am excited to visit Calgary in the next few months for work. My family and I are also planning a trip to Spokane. We’ve never been, but I hear it’s beautiful.

To learn more about travel in and out of Texas, visit Local profiles last issue.

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