Sun Mountain Cube Travel Cover Review

Sun Mountain Cube Travel Cover Review

Modern travel covers now come in all different shapes and sizes, all with the goal of safely transporting your golf clubs during their journey through baggage handling for your golf trip. This area of ​​the market is seeing a lot of innovation and the new Sun Mountain Kube travel cover is proof of that. It’s a uniquely designed cover that offers a hard shell around key parts of the cover while folding into a pint-sized cube for easy storage at home and on vacation. I took it on four flights around Europe to test this system for myself. Most importantly, can it do the basics right and protect my golf clubs on my travels?

When folded, the Kube measures just 23cm x 33cm x 38cm – barely leaving a footprint anywhere you have space to store your travel bags. I’ve found it especially useful in a hotel room where standard travel covers can often take up a lot of space while you’re trying to enjoy your trip. The only other travel bag that offers such fantastic storage is the Motocaddy Flightsafe Travel Cover, which is slightly larger and heavier in its design.

Neatly packed on the hotel room floor, the storage solution really comes in handy when you’re on the go.

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A convenient byproduct of this unique system is the extra padding it provides when the bag is in use. The hard case extends to the top and bottom of the bag, providing solid protection, especially at the top of the bag where protection is most needed. There are also two internal and two external compression straps that securely hold your bag to keep it from moving while traveling. On the four flights I’ve used the Kube on so far, my clubs have returned completely intact, with everything placed in the bag staying exactly where I put it before departure.

I think my favorite thing about the Kube, besides the way it folds up, is how light it is. Weighing in at just 3.08kg (6.8lbs) it leaves you with plenty of weight to add to the bag. Compared to the Ram Fx travel cover, which weighs 4.08 kg (9 lbs), you’ll be able to take more with you in the Kube. Most airlines will allow a golf bag to be no more than 20kg – it can be up to 23kg on some airlines – and you certainly want to make the most of that checked baggage allowance. The lightweight nature of the Kube allows for this, and I was able to pack – along with a full set of golf clubs – three pairs of golf shoes, my golf clothes for the trip and a toiletry bag. In total, that was exactly 20kg for a flight I took earlier this year, leaving me with an extra 3kg on the more generous airline. This eliminates the need to book extra checked bags for trips and will save you money booking more bags in the long run. It’s worth noting that I’m not a light traveler either…

The two interior pockets of the Sun Mountain Kube Travel Cover

The Kube’s two interior pockets didn’t have much depth. You could squeeze a pair of shoes into each, but that would be a squeeze. I chose belts and dirty laundry!

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The only thing the Kube lacked for me was extra pockets. There are two small interior pockets that I used for carrying belts and dirty laundry, but they aren’t really very big. This leaves things like golf shoes, hats, toiletries, or whatever else you pack next to your clubs to be carried around freely inside. Some travel cases like the Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian, Ram FX and Macgregor VIP II travel cases also have external pockets for more organized storage, something the Kube lacks. Whether you want to store things in the outer pockets of a travel cover is another matter entirely.

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