Supplement for itchy skin, plus travel backpack and more

Photo courtesy of Cold Water Technologies, Inc.

Supplement for itchy skin

Cold Water Technologies, Inc, a company that develops science-based pet products, has created Happy Scratch, a supplement that helps stop itching caused by dermatitis in cats and dogs. Happy Scratch is a powder supplement that supports the immune system of pets, aiming to prevent itching. The supplement was developed by Maria Dashek, DVM, PhD, a veterinary immunologist and co-founder of Cold Water Technologies, and is made from porcine mucosa, which naturally contains a high amount of IgA, an anti-inflammatory antibody.

Photo courtesy of Roverlund.

Adventure-ready pet backpack

The Ready-for-Adventure Pet Pack is designed by Roverlund for small dogs and cats to travel easily with their owners. The backpack is airline compatible and can comfortably hold up to 25 lb. It has a waterproof lining for easy cleaning in the event of an accident and features a separate laptop sleeve, 3 zipped head vents, 2 water bottle holders and an internal leash clip to keep your pet secure when inside.

Program for innovations in the field of animals and veterinary medicine

The Animal and Veterinary Innovation Program is a new way to modernize the way FDA evaluates and supports the development of innovative animal and veterinary products. The agenda will apply to products such as novel food ingredients, animal biotechnology and tissue-based products, intentional genomic changes in animals, food ingredients for cell culture animals, etc. FDA will focus on specific issues raised by upcoming products that use new and emerging technologies, and will ensure clarity and predictability in its review process.

Photo courtesy of HHOLOVE.

A robot companion for cats

O Sitter by HHOLOVE is a home camera device that features a 360° horizontal rotating camera head, 4x zoom and night vision. The motion detector automatically tracks the pet, adjusting the camera angle as it moves around the room. It also has two-way audio, allowing owners to connect with their cats at any time of the day while they’re away. Artificial intelligence uses facial recognition to detect where the cat is and sends notifications if the O Sitter has lost sight of the cat. O Sitter also includes an interactive laser for cat play and an automatic food dispenser.

Photo courtesy of Ancestry.

Ancestral DNA for pets

Know Your Pet DNA was created by an expert team of DNA scientists and animal geneticists at Ancestry to give pet owners more information about breed details, genetic matches in their area, and common traits. The test kit can offer a breakdown of the dog’s breed(s) from a reference panel
including more than 400 different breeds worldwide. It can also provide genetic matches to other dogs in the database and dogs of similar breed mixes in the local area. Information is available on the unique genetic makeup found with 30 behavioral (eg, likelihood of separation anxiety) and physical traits (eg, sensitivity to noise).

Photo courtesy of Champion Petfoods.

Dog treats with superfoods

ACANA Chewy Tenders dog treats from Champion Petfoods include superfoods, bone broth for added protein and flavor, and honey. These treats are also made without glycerin ingredients. The chicken recipe is made from 90% animal ingredients, provides immune system support with antioxidant-rich cranberries and contains vitamins C and E. The beef recipe, also made from 90% animal ingredients, supports hip and joint health with algae oil rich in ω-3 fatty acids. Formulated with 85% animal ingredients, the salmon recipe supports skin, coat and digestive health with ω-3 fatty acids from wild-caught salmon and fiber from pumpkin.

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