Swifties argue over behavior at theaters showing Taylor Swift movie



There’s “Bad Blood” between Taylor Swift fans about how to behave in her movie.

Swifties across the nation are getting into arguments about whether or not it’s okay to stand up and sing, dance and record a video — like you’re at a concert.

Or should they politely sit back and watch the hit concert film ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour?’

Erica Vuitton saw the film in the Village East from Angelica in the East Village, where other moviegoers did not appreciate her enthusiasm.

“A few people complained in the theater that I was singing and dancing in the front,” she told The Post.

“When an employee of the theater approached me, I was saved by a gang of youths who had come down and danced with me. However, many still complained.

Florida’s Victoria McBrayer also faced disapproving fans who gave her “slutty looks” for singing at a local theater.

Erica Vuitton saw the film at the Village East by Angelica in the East Village and fans in the theater complained about her dancing and singing.
Stefano Giovannini

A woman scolded her during “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

“The girl turns around and says, ‘You’re singing too loud and you’re ruining the experience for me,'” recalled McBrayer, 27, who saw the film with her husband and their 8-year-old daughter, Cassady. Lynn.

“I said to her, ‘Then why are you here?’ It’s a concert experience. And she said, “You can sing, but don’t be upset about it.”

Smith was threatened with a fine for turning on the flash on her mobile phone camera to film her 10-year-old daughter dancing.
Courtesy of Jennifer Smith
“I guess someone complained, so an AMC official came over and said to our group, ‘If you flash your flash one more time, you’re going to be fined $50,'” Smith said.
Courtesy of Jennifer Smith

Alabama resident Jennifer Smith was threatened with a fine for turning on the flash on her cell phone to film her 10-year-old daughter dancing.

“I guess someone complained, so an AMC employee came over and said to our group, ‘If you turn on your flash one more time, you’re going to be fined $50,'” Smith, 39, said.

“One of the moms kicked him out and said, ‘This is not the experience that Taylor Swift wants.’ We’re just having fun with our little girls.”

Victoria McBrayer of Florida took her daughter, Cassady-Lynn, to AMC in Port. St. Lucie and had to deal with reprimands from fellow fans in the theater.
Courtesy of Victoria McBrayer

Swift herself encouraged revelry in theaters and published on X, “I’ve been watching videos of you guys in theaters dancing and jumping and recreating choreography. . . wow just thank you!!!”

After negotiations with movie studios failed, Swift struck a deal with AMC Theaters to distribute it.

On its website, AMC lists rules of conduct while watching the film, which include “not recording the concert film on our big screen” and “not dancing in our seats or blocking other guests from viewing.”

Swift herself expressed her delight at seeing fans dancing and singing in movie theaters.
Getty Images

However, AMC is allowing its guests to get down and sing some of Swift’s chart-topping songs.

After the awkward encounter, McBrayer said he was still able to have fun and get back at the person who complained — when Swift’s “Shake It Off” came on.

“I sang ‘Haters Gonna Hate Hate Hate’ to her as loud as I could,” she said.

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