Sysnav Healthcare announces a multi-year collaboration with Roche based on Sysnav’s patented motion tracking technology

VERNON, France, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sysnav Healthcare and Roche are entering into a partnership to facilitate the development of industry standard outcome measures for movement disorders and to design the next generation of wearable technology based on Sysnav’s unique technology.

Patients living with a neuromuscular disorder often suffer from motor impairments that have a fundamental impact on their daily lives. Reliable, objective measurements of a patient’s change in motor function can help doctors prescribe the most appropriate therapy and support research aimed at developing new drugs that improve lives. Sysnav Healthcare has developed medical-grade wearable devices based on magneto-inertial technology for 3D motion reconstruction. This enables precise movement tracking without GPS, thus protecting patient privacy while allowing indoor monitoring. Sysnav has already secured the first ever digital endpoint qualification (SV95c) with the European Medicines Agency for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, working closely with academic collaborators, patient associations and Roche.

Sysnav Healthcare and Roche have expanded their collaboration across multiple programs to develop meaningful digital endpoints that will monitor disease progression, support clinical trials and serve as regulatory-approved standards for measuring outcomes. The partnership will also develop next-generation wearable technologies to further promote personalized healthcare. “Sysnav’s technology offers the ability to measure functional disease progression to a regulatory standard across a range of diseases. This has the potential to improve the way patients participate in clinical trials, the ability to determine the potential benefits of treatment and enrich our understanding of disease pathophysiology,” says James Sabreyglobal head of Roche Pharma Partnering.

When high-precision technology meets clinical experience, it’s a game-changing combination to accelerate medical progress. Bringing together Sysnav’s digital health technology and Roche’s expertise in neuroscience drug development and personalized healthcare will enable us to have a truly meaningful impact on patients with mobility impairments. By establishing a new set of industry standards for motor impairment assessment, we can unlock innovation to benefit all patients,” says Damien Eggenspiller, Sysnav Healthcare Program Director.

About Sysnav Healthcare

Sysnav Healthcare is the flagship business unit of Sysnav, a fast-growing French independent technology company. Since its inception, Sysnav Healthcare has aimed to unlock the potential of real-world data in the field of medicine by tailoring highly accurate motion capture solutions to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients. The company has already developed two wearables: ActiMyo® & Syde® and is the first in the world to qualify a digital endpoint (SV95c) with EMA. As a pioneer and leader in movement assessment in clinical trials, Sysnav Healthcare is now building the next generation of digital health technology so that patients can benefit earlier and more reliably from life-changing treatments.

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