T2FP introduces the T2 Iso-Trainer – the ultimate full body fitness equipment

T2FP is an American company that has developed and manufactures a cutting-edge training tool called the T2 Iso-Trainer. It provides fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professionals with the equipment they need for advanced training with unlimited exercises in the widest range of training modalities ever available in a fitness device, including physical therapy and adaptive training.

Rightly called the “Swiss Army Knife” of fitness equipment, the T2 Iso-Trainer was launched to deliver a complete resistance training solution to fitness enthusiasts, beginners, professional athletes and seasoned veterans alike. But unlike the famous Swiss gadget’s corkscrew or scissors, which tend to fall short of their full-size inspirations, the T2 seems to exceed the capabilities of single-purpose fitness devices in every possible way.

Invented by Steve Kushner and manufactured by T2FP, a leading American fitness company, the T2 Iso-Trainer is designed to be portable, compact, comprehensive and extremely effective compared to modern single-function fitness tools available on the current market.

As CEO and company founder Luis A. Lara stated, T2FP’s mission is to break down barriers in the world of fitness training by creating comprehensive training tools that anyone can use:

“At T2FP, our vision is to make fitness easy and accessible for anyone, anywhere, regardless of age, injury or physical ability. We want to transform today’s standards for sustainable fitness and inspire the next generation of adaptive training and full-body rehabilitation.”

By blending various resistance training methods including but not limited to isometric, isokinetic, elastic, suspension and inertial wave resistance training into one tool, the T2 enables the user to enjoy and utilize multiple training modes.

As Lewis shares, the T2 allows its owners to “perform unlimited exercises in unlimited training modalities,” but more importantly, it eliminates the need to change weights, settings, or resistance bands.

T2FP has developed a wide range of technologies and made a breakthrough in the fitness space with their patented BODYFIGHT™ Isokinetics and ISO-ELASTIC® Resistance. The former “eliminates the need for weights or bulky machines” and empowers the user with Isokinetics, a resistance method scientifically proven to be the most effective means of building and improving muscle, while ISO-ELASTIC® Resistance combines the benefits of Isokinetics with elastic endurance, offering a revolutionary, comprehensive training regimen that boasts unparalleled safety and flexibility.

Lewis shared that the T2 Iso-Trainer’s key benefits revolve around seamless transitions between unlimited training modes, amorphous full-body fitness and flexibility, stating the following:

“With T2, age, injury or physical ability is no longer a barrier to achieving lifelong sustainable fitness and mobility. T2 is the only full-body fitness equipment that builds an instant, live and personal connection with the user,” the T2 Iso-Trainer also offers full-body workouts in just 15 minutes or less.

T2FP believes that “True full-body fitness equipment should seamlessly adapt to the user’s unique capabilities and movement patterns,” all of which is achieved with the new T2 Iso-Trainer, a revolutionary tool designed to empower anyone who wants to improve your physical fitness and overall health.

More information about T2FP and T2 Iso-Trainer can be found on the company’s official website.

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