Parcells banned from doing business, ordered to pay $700,000+ for autopsy crimes

Topeka, Kansas (WIBW) – Sean Parcells, the man convicted of performing an unlawful autopsy, and the three companies he managed to do so have been banned from doing business in Kansas and ordered to pay more than $700,000. During the week of August 1, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says that Shawn Burchills and three … Read more

Celebrating “enSTYLE”: Twenty Years in Business | local news

Two decades is no small feat in business, and David Harris Jr. knows the peaks and valleys all too well. “I always want to challenge myself every single day,” Harris said. “I don’t want to be surprised. When you know how the game is played you always have to be ready to paddle. So I … Read more

Employer says next DA should know how to handle crime

SANTA ANA, CA – The race for the next attorney general for California’s Orange County will include four candidates. The list includes current president Todd Spitzer, along with Pete Hardin, Brian Chehawk, and Michael Jacobs. The attorney general is the number one responsible for law enforcement in Orange County, and according to law enforcement officials, … Read more

Fingerlakes Mall: A non-profit studio showcasing the diversity of our tenants | a job

Elizabeth Hebbard Citizen As summer approaches, people flock to the outdoors at any opportunity they have. Boating and swimming in the beautiful Finger Lakes, hiking in the area’s natural destinations, camping wherever they can start a campfire or pitch a tent – New Yorkers love to enjoy the outdoors and take full advantage of any … Read more

Iosco development holds second quarter meeting to discuss business in the province | News

Tuas City – “Employee Status Crisis.” Mike Nonelli, associate regional director of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), told local employers and local government representatives gathered at Develop Iosco’s (DI) second quarter meeting. According to Nonelli, potential employees ask employers “Why should I work for you?” When they have a lot of options available to … Read more

Technical issues: Small businesses may underestimate the threat of cyber attacks | News, sports, jobs

The attached photo Leslie Meredith Small business owners today face an enormous list of challenges, including supply chain issues, rising inflation combined with fear of recession, labor shortages and the ongoing impact of the coronavirus. So it might not surprise you that cyber attacks are number one in their concerns. But here’s the thing, while … Read more

GoLocalProv | Inside Art with Michael Rose

Wednesday 25 May 2022 Michael Rose, Artistic Contributor Watch bigger screen + Photo: Michael Rose The AS220’s mission to unlock creativity to a pool of untouched and unchecked talent has always been one of its great strengths. In this spirit, the Providence Foundation has long been bringing visual art to the public in its multiple … Read more

Business Summit in Marysville | a job

Local businesses discussed local business climate, social responsibility, hiring initiatives, and more at the Marysville Business Summit. The summit was held on May 19 and this was the first year the event was held. In addition to hearing from many local business leaders, the City of Marysville and the Marysville Chamber of Commerce have also … Read more

Commercial broker seeking to fill vacancies in the West End | a job

Among the movers and community workers, one trade broker is initiating efforts to help businesses establish a base in the West End. Candice Bushnell White is a commercial real estate broker for First West Properties and collaborates with potential business owners and property management companies that have a presence in the community. White was born … Read more