Ares Racing Results | News, sports, jobs

Steve Simon was photographed after winning the Econo-Mods feature at Eriez Speedway Sunday night. picture sent Super Late Models Feature 1: 1. 44-Dave Hess Jr[6]; 2. 9K-Mike Knight[10]; 3. X3- White Scot[3]; 4. 22B- Daryl Bussard[5]; 5. 29- Jason Genko[4]; 6. 6 – Chad Wright[2]; 7. 22X-Greg Oakes[8]; 8. 76- Steve Kania[12]; 9. B22-Bump Hedman[1]; … Read more

Bonnies hires a new baseball coach | News, sports, jobs

Street. Bonaventure – Jason Rathbone has been named the new head coach for Saint Bonaventure University’s baseball program. Rathbun turned Herkimer Community College baseball into one of the most successful and established small college programs in the country during his 17 years of driving, and moved to Bona’s after winning the 2022 National Championship. “We … Read more

Unfinished Business: Lunas Focus, Hungry After Loss | News, sports, jobs

Lahinalona High School Head Coach Dean Rijkaard (left) watches his offensive navigator’s men sprint their way through Tuesday afternoon’s practice at Sue Coley Stadium. Maui News / Matthew Thayer photos LAHINA – The smiles on the faces of Jasen Akahi Vida and LG Morikawa told a lot of the story on Tuesday afternoon at Su … Read more

Welker: The positive impact of sport and family on life | News, sports, jobs

I’ve made many mistakes in my life as an athlete on and off the field of play. But not all of us. Now that you’re a retired teacher, coach, and administrator, I’ve thought about how to help athletics and family deal with the challenges of living a life of personal achievement. I want to share … Read more

Schmidt tribute to softball prowess | News, sports, jobs

Bob Schmidt holds the trophy after the Jock Shop won the 1984 ASA Modified National Softball Championship. Schmidt will join teammates Joe Mistrita and John Woodfield in the Western New York Softball Hall of Fame in October. Photo submitted by Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame The Southern Tier will be represented by another member of … Read more

Bills seek to destabilize the loss of the AFC | News, sports, jobs

Josh Allen (17) threw a pass during training at the team’s training camp in Pittsford on Sunday. AP . image PITSFORD – Try as the Buffalo Bills might do in their quest to start a new season all over again, the sting of that infamous 13s still lingers six months later. Opening Sunday’s training camp … Read more