Teaching Better Black History; New Philly Tourism Campaign; Temple Student Strike | Morning recap

Branch schools begin teaching a MOVE module

The School District of Philadelphia is revamping its African American history curriculum for the first time since it was officially added in 2005.

  • Educators are creating a new unit as part of the renewal: one that teaches the history of MOVE. Developed with the help of band member Mike Africa Jr. and will also include community feedback.

An entire course dedicated to the history of Black Philadelphia will be offered, Jordan Levy reports, and could be adopted by the city’s charter schools.

β†’ How MOVE will be taught

Aerial view of Osage Avenue after the city bombed the MOVE complex in 1985 (Philadelphia Evening Bulletin via Temple University Archives)

Philly’s new tourism campaign features icons old and new

How do you explain what Philadelphia is really about to people who don’t live here? Perhaps by calling attention to Harriett’s Bookstore and city-wide specials.

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