Tech Alert: BrainChip Discusses Embracing Disruptive Innovation with Tech Leader Jeffrey Moore in the Latest This Is Our Mission Podcast – BrainChip Holdings (OTC:BCHPY), BrainChip Holdings (OTC:BRCHF)

BrainChip Holdings Ltd ((ASX: BRN, OTCQX:BRCHF, OTC:BCHPY), the world’s first commercial manufacturer of ultra-low-power, fully digital, event-based, neuromorphic AI IP, invites you to a conversation with organizational theorist, best-selling author and management consultant, Geoffrey Moore, on the latest This Is Our Mission podcast. He joins BrainChip CEO Sean Hehir to discuss the challenges large organizations face when they want to embrace disruptive innovation. The podcast will be available on May 2 at 3:00 pm PDT on the BrainChip website and on popular podcast platforms.

Moore is an author, speaker, and advisor who splits his time between Wildcat Venture Partners’ portfolio startups and established high-tech enterprises, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Autodesk, F5 Networks, Gainsight, Google, and Splunk. Moore’s lifelong work has focused on the market dynamics surrounding disruptive innovation. Moore’s books include Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game and Zone to Win. Crossing the Chasm is a technology book that focuses on the challenges startups face in transitioning from early adopters to mainstream customers. Moore’s latest work, Zone to Win, addresses the challenge businesses face when embracing disruptive innovation and the importance of adoption when it is in their best interest.

“One of the best parts of doing the This Is Our Mission podcast is getting to meet fascinating people and get their unique insights into innovative technology and how it’s changing the world at large,” Hehir said. “There are few people more fascinating than Geoffrey Moore. His vast knowledge of business-related experiences and his thoughts on the meaning of life will help our listeners understand how today’s technological advances are leading to the rapid proliferation of increasingly intelligent devices and services. “


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BrainChip is a world leader in processing and training peripheral AI on chips. The market’s first fully digital, event-based AI processor, Akida™, uses neuromorphic principles to mimic the human brain by analyzing only essential sensory inputs at the point of acquisition, processing data with unmatched efficiency, precision and power economy. Akida uniquely enables edge learning locally to the chip, independent of the cloud, dramatically reducing latency while improving data privacy and security. The Akida Neural processor IP, which can be integrated into the SoC of any process technology, has shown significant benefits in today’s workloads and networks and offers a platform for developers to create, tune and execute their models using standard AI workflows such as Tensorflow/ Keras. By enabling efficient edge computing to be universally deployable in real-world applications such as connected cars, consumer electronics and industrial IoT, BrainChip proves that AI on a chip, close to the sensor, is the future for its customers’ products, as well as the planet . Explore the benefits of Essential AI at

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