Tesla China crushes it: 18.5k insurance registrations last week – almost the highest ever – what this means for Tesla

Tesla is crushing it in China

Tesla is crushing it in China this month. There are people who monitor the amount of insurance registrations happening for Tesla, and this month Tesla is near an all-time high. This is a strong signal that there is demand for Tesla cars in China.

From December 18 to 24, Tesla China reported 18,500 insurance registrations. With 1 week to go, Tesla China’s Q4 December 2023 has already surpassed Tesla’s Q2 record of 156,700 vehicle deliveries.

The week before, China had 18,300 insurance registrations, making these the 3rd and 4th highest weeks for insurance registrations in China. Things are looking good for Tesla in China, and Tesla hasn’t even made the compact vehicle in China yet.

This is fantastic news for Tesla, and as the end of the quarter draws to a close and Tesla China works to make as many deliveries as possible, we could see 18,700 to 19,000 insured Tesla vehicles for Tesla China in the last week of the year. .

Chinese EVs are a little different than here in the US, and recently a man in China was seen pouring water on his Tesla charging cable and charging port just to see what would happen.

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Tesla China – Impressive achievements

Giga Shanghai is Tesla’s most efficient factory right now, and Tom Zhu, head of Tesla China, has done an amazing job there, making sure everything runs quickly and with high quality.

After all, the new Model 3 Highland is built in Giga Shanghai and is not yet produced anywhere else. This shows Tesla China’s ingenuity and rapid pace of innovation. Tesla’s vehicles are also the cheapest in China with a base Model 3 price of around $35,000.

It is important to note two things from this. First, Tesla China is crushing it, and Tesla’s biggest competitor in China is BYD. BYD is also growing rapidly in China, but BYD also produces many hybrid vehicles.

There are other Chinese EV manufacturers like NIO and Li Auto that are starting to do well, and this will certainly be Tesla’s most competitive market.

Here in the US, most old car manufacturers just aren’t moving fast enough, and Tesla’s compact car, produced at breakneck speed, will upset them.

Rivian is perhaps the only US EV manufacturer that has a chance to make a significant contribution to the US EV revolution so far.

This means that for Tesla in China, demand is strong and that Tesla has a lot of runway for the compact vehicle to deliver many more millions of cars in China. It also means analysts will raise their Q4 2023 estimates for Tesla’s deliveries overall.

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What do you think about Tesla’s insurance registrations in China? Is Tesla crushing it there?

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Image Credit, China Daily, screenshot

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