The 5 Best Smart Rings in 2023

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SMART RINGS are for futurists and wellness junkies alike. To be real, the smart ring designs we know today are still less than a decade away, so many brands are still in their infancy. The best smart rings require careful configuration of advanced sensors to wrap perfectly around your finger — meaning this type of technology doesn’t just appear overnight. The potential of a smart ring is like that of a quality smartwatch, you will only get the full benefits if you take advantage of all the features the device has to offer. The good news for consumers is that we’re finally entering a period where the competition for smart rings is starting to heat up.

It’s true that most of us can probably name only one smart ring on our heads: the Oura ring. The Oura ring is the most superior smart ring you can get in 2023. Factors like the easy availability of the ring when purchasing, convenient design and accurate tracking of all kinds of metrics are just a few reasons why the Oura stands above the rest. All that being said, there are still some worthy smart ring contenders worth highlighting. Perhaps the most anticipated smart ring of 2023 is the Circular Ring, a device that raised a whopping $300,000 on Kickstarter and is finally available for pre-order right now (Circular says you can expect shipping by May 2023). .

In addition to these two smart rings, you’ll find several other quality options on the market right now. Some have more generous price points, while others simply have better and more advanced tracking technology. No matter what you’re looking for – and whether you’re a first-time smart ring buyer or not – there’s something here for everyone. Ready to see what’s out there?

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The best smart ring overall


Oura Ring Gen3

Battery life Up to 7 days
Weight 4-6 grams
Water resistance Up to 100m

The best smart ring under $150



Battery life Up to 3 days
Weight 6 grams
Water resistance IPX67 rating

Most convenient


O2ring Wearable pulse oximeter

Battery life Until 4 p.m
Weight 15 grams
Water resistance IP24 rating

Another quality smart ring


Prevention Circul+ Wellness Ring

Battery life Until 4 p.m
Weight 9 grams
Water resistance IPX2 rating

The most anticipated smart ring


Round ring

Battery life Up to 4 days
Weight 5 grams
Water resistance “Suitable for light exposure to water such as rain. Not suitable for showering or washing hands”

What to consider when buying a smart ring

Shopping for a smart ring is a lot like shopping for a smartwatch. In terms of what you want to look for, the first order of business is a proper fit. Does the smart ring fit snugly, but not too tightly, on your finger? Do the sensors stay on your skin? Proper fit of the smart ring is important not only for comfort, but also because an improperly fitting smart ring can affect the performance of the device. If your smart ring doesn’t fit, you risk the sensors not getting a good enough reading, which can be quite annoying when you wake up to check your data and there’s nothing to show.

Another quality to look for in a smart ring is compatibility. Most smart rings work with all types of smartphones and have their own apps. In terms of what smart rings have the best overall compatibility and ease of use, Oura takes the top spot. The other picks on this list also have solid compatibility, but some can be buggy and others can be limited in what data they provide.

It’s last battery life and durability. Some people like smart rings because they can offer longer battery life than popular smartwatch models. When shopping for a smart ring, make sure you get a battery level that will do it lasts at least 12 hours of wear. If you don’t, you’ll find it gets tired very quickly when you have to go and charge your smart ring before bed so it doesn’t waste power while you sleep. And in terms of durability, make sure your smart ring has at least some level of water resistance. You don’t want a device that will stop working immediately because it has come into contact with sweat or water.

How do smart rings compare to smartwatches?/

There are countless products at the intersection of health and technology flooding the market with claims of being new, smarter, and better than their predecessor. And let’s be real, newer isn’t always better. When it comes to wearables, this may not be the case. Due to the huge concentration of blood supply in our fingers (each finger has two arteries that run on either side), smart rings are designed with greater sensitivity than the average smartwatch.

Another important consideration is wearability and comfort. Some may find it easier to wear a smaller, more inconspicuous device, such as a ring, more often, allowing for more consistent data collection. And when it comes to biometric tracking, it’s important to remember that the longer you can wear these smart devices, the more utility and accuracy you can gain from them.

We’ve researched and tested many of the best-selling smart rings released over the past year. Men’s health writers and editors, including our equipment and trade editor John Thompson, and our fitness and business editor, Talene Appleton, tested and rated smart rings based on their design, performance, ease of use and battery life. We’ve also considered price points, as some smart rings provide better overall value than others. The list above is our honest pick of some of the best smart rings worth shopping for in 2023.

Facilities and Trade Editor
John Thompson is the gear and merchandising editor at Men’s Health, where he covers fashion, looks, gear and technology.

Fitness and Commerce Editor
Taleen Appleton is the fitness and business editor at Men’s Health, where she covers fitness, nutrition, health and wellness.

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