The animated series aims to introduce the folklore of the Irish leprechaun to a global audience

The animated series aims to introduce the folklore of the Irish leprechaun to a global audience

Aimed at four to seven-year-olds, the series will follow a group of Carlingford leprechauns, or Carlicounies, who go on adventures to grant wishes to children around the world.

The Carlichauns concept is the brainchild of children’s TV veteran Tim Patterson, whose 42-year career has spanned the BBC, Disney and Nickelodeon, alongside Kevin Woods, who has dedicated his life to preserving and celebrating the myths and legends of Carlingford and the Cooley Peninsula.


Patterson and Woods are among the co-founders of Enterprise Ireland-backed Carlichauns Entertainment, along with chief executive Niall Waters, chief financial officer Eoin McCormack, senior executive Steve Woods and executive director of business affairs Lisa Logan.

The company has also brought in former Irish ambassador to the US, Dan Mulhall, as a brand ambassador.

Before the series hits the screen, Carlichauns Entertainment is releasing a free location-based AR app on St. Patrick’s Day to introduce audiences to the Carlichauns characters.

The app was developed by Irish AR specialists Imvizar.

The launch will take place in Carlingford; Merrion Square, Dublin; People’s Park, Dun Laoghaire; and Avondale in Wicklow.

App users who complete the Carlichauns Adventure Path at these locations will have a chance to win a gold bar.

Patterson said that in all his years working in children’s television, it was “rare to find a project with such strong potential”.

He said: “Carlichauns is a series that has real currency on the playground – it will be the talk of the kids at school and that’s very powerful.

“We stand on the shoulders of Kevin Woods and his Last Leprechauns Of Ireland brand, which has attracted thousands of people to Carlingford and Ireland for years.

“All of the Carlichauns characters are very relatable with strong story arcs. The series delivers messages of hope and kindness with a genuine sense of fun in every episode.

“But the beauty of this project is really the sum of its parts. First we want to be truly digital and alongside the animated series we will have the app, the games and the YouTube channel.

“Having these elements complement each other energizes the brand in a way that television can’t do on its own.”

The former Nickelodeon UK programming director believes the Carlichauns have a wide appeal far beyond Irish shores.

He said: “The US will be a major target for us, but St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in over 150 countries around the world, so there is a global interest in Ireland and Irish folklore. The Irish diaspora is also spread across the UK, Europe and Australia to name a few places.

“The launch of our app is taking place in five locations in Ireland on St Patrick’s Day, but by next March we plan to take it to the US, Australia and across Europe.”

With the Cave of Leprechauns and Fairies in his home town of Carlingford, Woods has entertained visitors for years with his tales of the myths and legends of the Cooley Peninsula.

Known as Ireland’s Last Leprechaun Whisperer, he is so passionate about preserving this part of centuries-old Irish folklore that he successfully applied to the EU to designate leprechauns as a protected species.

Woods said: “My ambition has always been to really promote Carlingford and the Cooley Peninsula as a place of myth and legend to audiences around the world.

“The Carlichauns series will be a new and exciting platform to bring our stories to a new global audience and we have a super team to make that happen.

“My personal aim is to make Carlingford a global wish center for children everywhere and we are well on our way.”

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