The best weapon upgrades for priority


  • The poison upgrade in The Forest is used less often than other upgrades due to its temporary and less powerful nature.
  • While upgrading a flashlight can be useful later in the game, it is not a priority early on as players will have other options for crafting their weapons.
  • The damage+ upgrade is a must for early game weapons as it provides a huge damage boost and is easier to obtain than other damage upgrades.

The forest is one of the most complex survival games released in the last ten years, and can be a bit overwhelming for new players trying to navigate both the terrifying cannibal-infested island and learn all about the crafting system. which is available to make everything from bases to weapons in The forest.


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Of all the things available for crafting, weapons and weapon upgrades are some of the most important. No matter how players try to escape and avoid the cannibals on the island, they have to go through several enemies if they want to beat the game, which means that weapon upgrades will become more of a priority as the incredibly realistic survival game continues.

6 Poison upgrade

Adds damage over time

The forest poison upgrade

  • Recipe: Poisonous Fruits/Mushrooms + Weapon

The poison upgrade is a lesser used upgrade available in The forest. It’s easily added to weapons, like most in-game upgrades. However, despite adding sustained damage to many different weapon types in the game, players don’t use the poison upgrade as often as others. This is because damage upgrades and fire upgrades achieve better but similar results to the poison upgrade. Additionally, the plants needed to upgrade poison must be found in the large and terrifying open world map.

The poison damage done during and after a weapon hit for a few seconds is useful, but the damage is less than that of a fire upgrade, and poison is temporary, meaning that the normal damage upgrade that is permanent is more useful addition to prioritize addition over poison.

5 Flashlight upgrade

Adds light

Forest Flashlight Upgrade

  • Recipe: Flashlight + Electrical Tape + Weapon

While this can be an extremely useful addition to weapons later in the game, players should not prioritize adding a flashlight early on. Usually the players will start The forest, trying to survive and gather resources during the day while sleeping at night. This means that they are unlikely to need a flashlight early in the game, as they could make good use of some of the alternative craftable upgrades for their weapons.

As the game progresses, not only are players more likely to stay up late into the night, but they will also have to dive into the various cave systems around the island in search of better gear. Meanwhile, players will likely need to prioritize other weapon upgrades to survive the early parts of the game and fight off the cannibals and mutants they’ll encounter before those deeper cave systems.

4 Damage upgrade

Adds damage

Forest damage upgrade

  • Recipe: Tooth + Sap + Weapon

A simple but useful upgrade, the damage upgrade only requires players to add fangs to their weapon, glue them with juice, and increase the amount of swing damage of the weapon in the process. Unfortunately, players won’t start finding and being able to collect fangs until they’ve already encountered and killed a lot of enemies, so this is another weapon upgrade that’s hard to implement right away.


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The damage upgrades are useful and persistent, but the main downside is the slight reduction in weapon speed in favor of this increased damage output. It’s still worth doing, especially for smaller weapons that already have a lot of speed but lack damage. All permanent weapon upgrades are a huge asset to players, and these are the ones that should usually be prioritized in the early game, with some of the best weapons.

3 Fire upgrade

Adds light and fire damage

Forest Fire Upgrade

Another temporary upgrade, but one that can be extremely useful and easy to add early game and often, setting fire to a weapon in The forest is easy for players. Requiring only cloth and one of the available weapons that can be ignited, the fire upgrade adds a massive amount of additional damage, setting targets on fire and burning them for massive additional damage even after the player has moved away from the target.

This extended damage, as well as the light provided by lit weapons, make the firearm upgrade a must for early cave exploration. Players will be able to see better and panic their enemies, which is extremely necessary up close. Also, cloth is readily available throughout the game so players never have to run out and can use a lot of fire in traps as well.

2 Damage+ Upgrade

Adds massive damage

Forest Damage Plus upgrade

  • Recipe: alcohol + juice + weapon

Weapon upgrade damage+ c The forest is a huge buff to weapon damage, adding broken pieces of glass to the player’s weapon as opposed to regular fangs on the regular damage upgrade. Even better, this upgrade not only adds more damage, but can be obtained more easily than the damage upgrade and earlier, since players start on the plane and will be able to find bottles of alcohol right there and should start to store them became early.


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This upgrade is a must for early game weapons as many of the items players will be able to find or craft early game will have reasonable speed but lack damage. Players can get a huge jump on their early enemies by adding these shards of glass to any of their weapons they can, and this upgrade is another permanent to charge.

1 Speed ​​upgrade

Adds speed

Forest speed upgrade

  • Recipe: Feather + Juice + Weapon

The most useful upgrade in The forest is speed because the game is all about speed. Early in the game players will want to have speed when running from certain enemies and as the game goes on they will need speed on their weapons instead of pure damage as some enemies will be incredibly fast and no level of damage on them will be able to fight them.

Players should be able to dive in and out with their weapons. Adding simple feathers, which can be found easily and often, gives the weapon a constant speed boost. This addition allows players to strike first before enemies have a chance to attack them, and then retreat to their base if necessary.

The game of the forest

The forest

April 30, 2018

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