The Biggest News in Coffee Science and Research for 2023 Daily Coffee News from Roast Magazine

Continuing our year in review, we now look back at some of the biggest stories in coffee science and research for 2023.

It was a particularly bountiful year for scientists in the fields of green coffee and sustainability, coffee consumption and quality control, and of course coffee and human health.

Here’s our roundup of the biggest stories in each of these areas:

Green coffee and sustainability


Study: Climate change increases ‘systemic shocks’ in coffee production

The global coffee industry can expect increasing and “continued systemic shocks” to coffee production due to climate change, according to new research published this month in the journal PLOS Climate… read more

Study: Coffee industry at high risk from climate change, land use and pollinator loss

A new study suggests that the loss of pollinators due to climate change and tropical deforestation will have a marked effect on the global coffee industry, further threatening farmers’ livelihoods while affecting global trade… read more

Researchers point to liberica as the next major type of coffee crop

Drastic disruptions in global supply flows may soon open the door to the commercial spread of Cafe Libericaalso known as liberica, a type of coffee that has long existed in the shadows of arabica and robusta… read more

A study examines the costs and profitability of producing ‘specialty coffee’.

The study focused on coffee producers in the neighboring countries of Honduras and El Salvador, both of which export a relatively high percentage of specialty coffee as opposed to conventional coffee… read more

coffee plants

Research into “naturally decaffeinated” coffee is entering a crucial phase in Brazil

IAC researchers have been developing low- or no-caffeine coffee plants for over 20 years… read more

Royal Coffee publishes A World History and Geography of Arabica Varieties

Bay Area-based coffee trading company Royal Coffee has released a fascinating historical interpretation of the coffee family tree called The World History and Geography of Arabica Varieties… read more

Researchers are writing a new chapter in the history of Arabica species

In a groundbreaking study published last month, researchers shed new light on the early movements of Arabica coffee species that occurred centuries ago, pinpointing genetic groups and domestication pathways in the bud of commercial coffee… read more

World Coffee Research launches public Arabica database

The database is freely available to private and public labs to check coffee varieties using “SNP markers,” molecular genetic markers that can be analyzed more quickly and at a lower cost than other genetic markers, according to the nonprofit group. goal… read more

Coffee consumption and quality

coffee capsules

Study: These types of disposable coffee capsules are the worst for the environment

After carrying out a sustainability assessment of three different types of disposable coffee pods by material type, researchers from the Netherlands concluded that conventional plastic is the worst for the environment in terms of recyclability and circular… read more

Researchers are beginning to demystify the aroma and taste of fermented coffee

A group of researchers from the Coffee Center of Excellence at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) this week shed new light on what makes the flavors and aromas of some specialty coffees stand out on the cupping table… read more

Study: Pre-ground spritzer can improve espresso by reducing static electricity and clumping

New research shows that adding a little moisture to roasted coffee beans just before grinding can lead to less static electricity and clumping, resulting in a more consistent and intense espresso… read more

espresso portafilter

New research explains how a finer grind can lead to a weaker espresso

Research published yesterday sheds new light on a counterintuitive phenomenon in espresso production, where finer grinds can result in underdeveloped or “weaker” espresso… read more

SCA Paper Questions Roles and skills related to the coffee cup

A new white paper from the International Specialty Coffee Association argues that professional coffee cups have evolved to become critical communicators of value… read more

The German Coffee Association completes the Espresso Extraction Study

The German Coffee Association (Deutscher Kaffeeverband) and a prominent German non-profit organization in the field of food science have published initial results of a three-year research project on the extraction of espresso… read more

Coffee and health


Study: Regular coffee drinking reduces risk of contracting COVID-19

After conducting in vitro laboratory tests on human cells as well as a human trial involving 64 participants who were given the SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus, the research team concluded that drinking coffee every day could be a useful dietary tool to prevent of infection in individuals… read More ▼

A study found that coffee with milk can boost the anti-inflammatory effect

Coffee combined with milk can double the natural anti-inflammatory properties of immune cells, according to research published this week in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry… Read more

Study: Coffee consumption may help keep blood pressure low

Researchers in Italy have concluded that regular, moderate coffee consumption may contribute to lower blood pressure indicators associated with arterial hardening and cardiovascular disease… read more


Study: The experience of drinking coffee is what fully activates the brain

New research shows that the experience of drinking coffee, not just the caffeine, is what increases people’s alertness and performance… read more

Study says acids in coffee byproducts are safe for human consumption

New research from Germany may ultimately help pave the way for further commercialization of beverages derived from coffee byproducts… read more

Study: Music and coffee can make the brain work better

New research shows that drinking coffee and listening to music are two daily activities that can improve cognitive performance, especially in tasks that require concentration and memory… read more

Study Associates Moderate coffee drinking with reduced depression and anxiety

A recent study by researchers in China linked two to three cups of coffee a day to the lowest risk of both anxiety and depression among all coffee drinkers and non-drinkers… read more

Study: Common toxic substances in coffee cannot be simultaneously reduced by roasting

New research suggests that simultaneously mitigating the presence of two common food toxicants in roasted coffee is impossible, as one increases with longer, darker roasts while the other decreases… read more

Study: Unsweetened coffee linked to reduced weight gain

A new study involving more than 100,000 participants found that drinking unsweetened coffee was linked to reduced weight gain among adults… read more

Study: Coffee consumption linked to reduced frailty later in life

Adults who drink coffee regularly in their mature middle years may have significantly reduced frailty later in life, according to a new study of 12,000 participants… read more

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