The Black Bones Music spot comes to Anna Maria

ANNA MARIA – Terri and Paul Davis are creating a new after-hours listening room and live music venue at Ginny’s and Jane E’s Café & Gift Store, 9807 Gulf Drive.

Operating as Black Bones Music, the West Bradenton natives will host their first show on Friday, Jan. 12 with the Trevor Bystrom Trio as the headliner and 10-year-old singer-songwriter “Nora Bear” as the opening act. Bystrom will be joined by Judit Maldonado on vocals and percussion and Benny Maldonado on percussion. Bystrom’s adopted daughter, Nora, will open the show with an hour-long set at 6:00 p.m., followed by the Trevor Bystrom Trio from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Light snacks, coffee drinks, beer, wine and sodas will be available before the show and during intermission, but the kitchen will be closed. Tickets are $25 and are available on the Eventbrite website at

Paul and Terry Davis love and support local music and musicians. – Paul Davies | Sent

Paul is a sergeant with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). He is currently assigned to the Internal Affairs Unit and previously led MCSO’s Anna Maria Unit. Terry is a paralegal at a law firm in Sarasota. They were interviewed Dec. 20 during a private Christmas party at Ginny’s and Jane E’s hosted by owners Paul and Tammy Foster. The event featured Christmas music performed by Just The 2 Of Us.

An idea blooms

When asked why they were running a listening room, Paul and Terry both said, “We just love music.”

“We’ve been to a few different listening rooms and we don’t have anything like this here,” Paul said. “Terry and I went to different restaurants and bars and some of the bands were really good, but they got drowned out by the conversations and other noise. The perfect example is Trevor Bystrom. You can go to different places on the Island and listen to Trevor, but it’s more like background music. His Caribbean/African influenced music has strong lyrical messages that can get lost in the noise. We want to give Trevor and people like him a place where people can experience the music and the musicians, not just hear them.”

“The goal is not for people to come in and drink. It’s about getting them to listen to the music. It’s all about the music,” Terry added.

The Black Bones Music spot comes to Anna Maria
Holmes Beach native Trevor Bystrom will headline Black Bones’ first music show. –

The use of Ginny’s and Jane E’s was a result of Paul and Terry’s friendship with Foster and the trips they took together to New York. On one visit, they were looking for something to do on a Thursday night and fate intervened.

“Singer-songwriter Matt Walden was playing at The Bitter End in New York,” said Paul Davis. “We’ve known Matt since he was a little kid, through the Del Couch Foundation for Music Education in Palmetto, which we’ve been a part of for years. Paul and Tammy had never been to a place like this before. We had talked to them about listening rooms, but they never had one. When they went to The Bitter End, they got it. Shortly afterwards Paul said if you guys are serious about it why don’t you do it at Ginny and Jane E’s.’

“Terry and I were planning to do something like this on a larger scale before COVID, but when COVID hit, it all went away. We have adopted the same concept and will do it on a smaller scale,” he said.

“Our goal is to promote local Florida bands and singers and all different types of music,” Terry said. “We’ve seen Trevor for years and I told Paul he should be our first gig. Trevor was all for it. Then we found Trey Wanwig.

Wanvig is a Sarasota-based blues guitarist, vocalist and songwriter who will headline the show on Friday, February 2nd.

“Tri is 21 years old and a phenomenal blues guitarist,” said Paul. “Then we have Matt Walden (Friday, February 16 and Friday, March 29) and rising country star Andy Purcell (on Friday, April 12), who we also met through the Del Couch Foundation. Andy is too big for a place like this, but he wants to play here because he knows us. We haven’t had our first gig yet and bands are already contacting us.”

Drunken Shrubbery will headline the show on Friday 15th March and Passerine will headline the show on Friday 3rd May. Local, regional and touring bands playing Black Bones music shows will mostly perform their own songs and occasionally cover songs written by others.

“I want original music because that’s what I’m drawn to. I want to listen to Trevor Bystrom, Trey Wanvig and Andy Pursell, but I wouldn’t mind them playing a few covers,” said Paul.

Black Bones Music also wants to bring in young local musicians as developers to give them exposure and experience. They are working with the Del Couch Foundation and plan to reach out to several more music education programs as well.

The Black Bones Music spot comes to Anna Maria
Black Bones Music’s logo features the image of Bones the cat. – Black Bones Music | Sent

Black Bones Music is named after the couple’s beloved black cat, Bones, who they adopted and then rescued again after he escaped.

The Black Bones Music spot comes to Anna Maria
Bones the cat was in dire straits after being on the run for a hundred days. – Black Bones Music | Sent

Encouraging environment

When asked about Ginny and Jane E doubling as a listening room, Paul Foster said, “Paul is a friend of mine. I knew him when he was a deputy here. This is a Paul and Terry thing. They love local music. We went with them to New York and they showed us The Bitter End, where Bob Dylan played.

The Black Bones Music spot comes to Anna Maria
Ginny’s and Jane E will soon be used as an after-hours live music venue. – Joe Hendrix | sun

“I do these invitation-only Christmas shows every year. Paul and Terry were here last year and said they thought they could do something with this room. They see this as a listening venue like The Bitter End, not a bar. They want to make the artist the center of attention and allow them to interact with the audience in a smaller setting. I said I’m not interested as a business partner, but if you want to use the place, you can. Search my products and here are the keys. I’m happy to provide the space for my friends to pursue their passion,” Foster said.

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