The canceled Alien Vs. Predator was going to fix the franchise after 2 terrible movies


  • Disney reportedly owns a completed Alien vs. Predator an anime that could finally live up to the concept, as the over-the-top nature of the franchise lends itself well to animation and can solve the problems of previous live-action films.
  • Both Alien vs. Predator the films failed to live up to their potential due to various flaws, such as choosing a PG-13 rating and cutting out dark scenes, poor lighting, and overly gore.
  • It’s unclear if Disney will release the rumors Alien vs. Predator anime as there has been no official information about it since 2017. The studio might be waiting to see if both franchises still have loyal fan bases.

Although Alien vs. Predator franchise never lived up to the potential promised by its title, Disney is sitting on a finished series that can finally do justice to the concept. Alien vs. Predator sounds like an easy sell. The Xenomorph of Extraterrestrial movies is a reckless killing machine known for its ferocity and terrifying appearance. In contrast, the eponymous monster of Predator franchise is an intelligent, honorable killer who can communicate with his victims and even cooperate with humans. The two beasts couldn’t be more different and are well-suited for an on-screen clash that will finally allow them to square off.

whatever Alien vs. Predator the movies never lived up to this killer concept. Although the original is from 2004 Alien vs. Predator was better than its many detractors claimed, the anodyne PG-13 was still one of the worst films in both franchises. Meanwhile in 2007 Alien vs. Predator: Requiem it was even worse. A nastier sequel that added endless gore but no scares, tension, or characters worth caring about, this pointless addition to the series effectively killed any fan interest in another matchup between the two titans of sci-fi horror cinema. That said, Disney is reportedly done Alien vs. Predator a series that finally found the right approach to the premise.

An Alien Vs Predator anime was exactly how to make the franchise work

According to former Director of Licensing Joshua Izzo’s comments regarding Perfect Body PodcastDisney currently owns a complete Alien vs. Predator anime waiting to premiere. From Alien vs. Predator was such an absurd, exaggerated concept to begin with, it was always going to work great in animation. While Alien vs. PredatorThe Predalien was a bulky, overly large disappointment in live action, the monster could have been authentically menacing in its animated form. Many of the worst problems from Alien vs. Predator movies—from shoddy CGI fight scenes to terrible lighting—could have been solved by transitioning this rumored project to anime.

Why the Alien vs. Predator movies failed

Predalien fights Predator at the end of Alien Vs Predator Requiem

While Alien vs. Predator wasn’t the disaster its biggest critics claimed upon its release, the film had enough flaws to prevent it from living up to its title. On the one hand, both Extraterrestrial and Predator franchises have always been R-rated before Alien vs. Predator. However, the creators of the prequel chose to cash in on the PG-13 horror trend that was profitable in the early 2000s. This lead to Alien vs. Predator cutting great scenes that were considered “too dark,” which left the film without bite. Despite some tense sequences and a great setting, Alien vs. Predator could not bypass this problem.

Meanwhile in 2007 Alien Vs Predator: Requiem it was just awful. The film’s unforgivably poor lighting made it look incredibly cheap and meant viewers couldn’t make out what was happening in key scenes. In another attempt to cash in on a horror trend that was already on the wane, the sequel ramped up the gore — but viewers didn’t want to see pregnant women and small children killed by xenomorphs and predators. Finally, the much-hyped Predalien was an awkward mix of the two monsters that looked more clumsy than scary, meaning Alien vs. Predator: Requiem ruined both iconic monsters with none of its predecessor’s redeeming qualities.

Will Disney ever release The Alien Vs Predator anime?

Ellen Ripley and a xenomorph from Alien

It’s unclear if Disney will ever release the rumors Alien vs. Predator anime despite the fact that those involved in its production claim that the project is complete. According to Izzo, all 10 episodes of the series are ready for release, with the licensing director saying: “It’s ready. It’s in the box. It’s mixed; it’s overe.” No mention of forthcoming Alien vs. Predator anime after that surprise reveal in May 2023, but if Izzo’s claims are true, Disney won’t need to do much more than promote the series. The project is complete, so marketing may be its only remaining expense.

That said the fact that Alien vs. Predator anime produced in 2017 may be a problem. Since then on Predator the franchise has had a major flop and an even bigger comeback while Disney is coming up Extraterrestrial the film will prove whether the series can survive without Ridley Scott at the helm. Since there is no official information about Alien vs. Predator anime for the next six years, it’s reasonable to assume that Disney is waiting to see if both franchises still have loyal fan bases before releasing the project. That would make a lot of sense after the two Alien vs. Predator the films received terrible reviews.

Source: Perfect Organism Podcast

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