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As the dark clouds brought by the recent pandemic begin to dissipate, new ways and means of living are beginning to create trends around the world. In the Philippines, with various industries opening up to meet the growing physical demand of the new normal, many companies are generously accommodating flexible work-from-home or hybrid work that provides fluidity in the company’s work as well as in the lives of its people. employees.

Even before COVID-19 hit the world and caused disruption to many lives and economies, the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) provided guidelines for the adoption of flexible working arrangements among private companies in the Philippines back in 2009. It was only during the onset of the pandemic, this policy was raised again and provided broader coverage and scope that extended to some government agencies.

Step by Step

While the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic still hovers, many local companies are trying to manage the face-to-face work setting for an immediate recovery from the challenges brought by COVID-19. The Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector, on the other hand, is one of the select industries that are holding fast to their decision to continue working from home or hybrid work schemes in their operations as it provides additional opportunity for the industry to expand and remain sustainable.

In the recent report published by Colliers, a global leader in real estate services and investment management, apart from the tax incentives provided by the national government to various companies operating in a free port or ecozone, including IT-BPM offices, many industry leaders are discovering the latest trend in work as a game changer in many people’s economies and lives. With the local outsourcing industry aiming to create 1.1 million new jobs over the next six years, adopting a hybrid workplace organization is critical to that goal and our country’s future.

The Global Remote Work Index published by US-based NordLayer shows that the Philippines is among the countries in the world that rank low when it comes to the remote work index. Challenges such as cyber security, digital infrastructure, economic and social conditions and dealing with COVID-19 remain major factors that many corporations must consider with the new global trend in work, Filipinos who are either freelancers or outsourced employees of business process (BPO), is the only select person who can benefit from this.

And now where?

Singapore, as the only Asian country to make it to the top 10 ideal countries for telecommuting, many Filipinos are now packing their bags to spend their “work” (work + vacation) there according to Department of Tourism (DoT) data as of June 2022 Almost 13,000 Filipinos traveled to Singapore from February to June this year, making Singapore the eighth largest source of tourists in the world and third in Asia during that period.

Topping the list of the most attractive city for telecommuting is Melbourne in Australia, followed by (2) Montreal in Canada, (3) Sydney in Australia, (4) Prague in the Czech Republic, (5) Toronto in Canada, (6) Tallinn in Estonia, (7) Lisbon in Portugal, (8) Wellington in New Zealand and (9) Zagreb in Croatia.

Meanwhile, other Asian countries that made it to the top list include Tokyo in Japan ranked 33rd, Chiang Mai in Thailand at 45th, Bali in Indonesia at 58th, Hong Kong at 63rd and Bangkok in Thailand in 66th place.

You are a convenient companion

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