The Dodge County Arts Center will launch Ask an Artist afternoons.

The Dodge County Center for the Arts will have its first Ask an Artist program on Wednesday afternoon.

The free event is the brainchild of local artist Lisa Amport, who will be in attendance to discuss watercolor work.

“I’m new to the gallery and started the business in July,” Amport said. “After they introduced me to everyone, I thought it would be really cool to bring my stuff and come here and have an open time for watercolor. This isn’t a class, but when I was learning my watercolor, I had painted before but never done watercolor and it would be nice to have someone to ask things about.

Watercolor Wednesdays will be held from 1:00pm to 4:30pm at the center at 130 W. Maple Ave.

Amport said he will bring paint and scrap paper so people can experiment with the paint.

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“My biggest question when I started was what was the difference between student paint and professional paint,” Amport said. “Once I tried it, I knew what a difference it made.”

Amport said she purchased plates to sell the colors to those in attendance for a small fee so they could also take samples home with them.

“I got these plates at Goodwill for $1, so you can buy them for a dollar, and I’ll give you colors for 10 cents a color,” Amport said. “And you can buy my paper. I brought scraps so they could do it for free, but if you want to take home a real size paper, you can take it home and try it on your stuff.”

There will be additional take-home options, such as a $3 bookmark project that includes paper, twine, paint, hole protectors and finishing wax.

A $5 project will also be available, featuring 5×7-inch paper and a small plate palette with up to 10 colors of your choice.

“However, the event is free and you are not required to buy anything,” Amport said.

Amport said she has always drawn and was influenced by her mother, who is an artist. Amport moved to Beaver Dam in 1990. She retired from Beaver Dam High School three years ago.

“It was something I needed to do when I retired, but I also wanted to give back to the community,” she said. “People will appreciate art more if they try it.”

Amport said she hopes people of all skill levels will come down and talk to her about watercolor painting.

“I’ve done acrylics,” Amport said. I had oil painting lessons and when I started watercolor it was so difficult I just loved it.”

Amport said her goal is to do Watercolor Wednesdays once a month.

Craig Kasten, president of the Dodge County Arts Center, said there are thoughts of expanding the program and having artists attend the center each week to discuss their work and offer advice on the process used to create it.

“I thought we could probably make this a really fun event every Wednesday with a different environment, like having a potter come,” Kasten said.

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