“The experts have forgotten more about investing than I will ever know”

When people hear the name Ryan Reynolds, they may immediately think of the witty actor known for roles like Deadpool. But these days, Reynolds is making headlines for another reason: his entrepreneurial prowess. With a collection of business ventures that have sold for over $2 billion, Reynolds is proving he’s not just a one-trick pony.

In an interview with “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, Reynolds delved into his investment philosophy, particularly regarding Mint Mobile. He highlighted what he believes is a core strategy, saying: “I think what we do really well there is emotional investment. When you create an emotional investment, you not only create affinity, but you also create sustainability for the brand.”

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He said building an “emotional moat” around the brand gives it the ability to withstand market ups and downs.

Another intriguing point Reynolds made was his focus on essentials, setting himself apart from other celebrities who typically opt for aspirational items.

“Telephone service is a basic service,” he said, stressing that it is “something that is not provided by the government, something that everyone needs.”

For Reynolds, Mint Mobile was an opportunity to tell a story about providing a key service at a “totally reasonable” price.

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Its vision matched that of Mint Mobile seamlessly. He said the partnership with T-Mobile is a way to expand the reach of a product that millions of people depend on.

Reynolds admits that when it comes to the ins and outs of investing, experts “have forgotten more about investing than I will ever know.” But his knack for tapping into consumers’ emotional pulse adds an unexpected layer to his investment strategy. It’s not just about pouring money into a venture; it’s about telling a compelling story that resonates with people. Its goal is to arm brands with the emotional weight they need to navigate volatile markets.

This unique approach to investing – emphasizing emotional connections and focusing on core services – has paid off for Reynolds. The Mint Mobile deal reportedly netted Reynolds over $300 million, adding to his earnings from Aviation American Gin, which sold for about $610 million in 2020. The combined net profit is estimated to be over $450 million.

While Reynolds may joke that he’s no financial wizard, his strategy reveals a different kind of wisdom: the power of emotional investment. Not only did Reynolds transform his image from a Hollywood actor to a savvy entrepreneur, he also redefined what it means to be a successful investor.

Reynolds embodies an approach known as value-added investing, a strategy widely adopted by venture capitalists and angel investors who provide more than financial backing. They offer their expertise, industry connections and sometimes their personal brand to greatly increase the potential of the business.

Reynolds’ celebrity status and personal brand are invaluable assets. By lending his name and reputation to a startup, he can accelerate its growth and attract attention that would normally require significant time and resources. Such influential involvement can dramatically improve the chances of success, especially in areas such as marketing, which can be a significant challenge for early-stage companies.

This popular investment strategy isn’t limited to high-profile investors like Reynolds. It has been democratized for retail investors through equity crowdfunding platforms like StartEngine. Now even those without deep pockets can participate in value-added investments by making meaningful contributions to startups in the form of capital, connections or other resources.

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