The Fast and Furious TV show is much more ridiculous than the movies


  • The Fast and Furious franchise has embraced its over-the-top nature, including increasingly ridiculous plots, characters and stunts.
  • The animated series Fast & Furious Spy Racers adds new and absurd concepts to the canon of the franchise, such as underwater cars and invisible cars.
  • The introduction of ghosts in Fast & Furious Spy Racers could potentially bring back dead characters and change the direction of the franchise.

With the release of the latest Fast and furious movie, the series proved to modern audiences that the series can and isn’t afraid to get funny. While the first few entries in the franchise were much more grounded and rooted in reality, the most recent editions have fully embraced the over-the-top nature of his spectacle. This means the inclusion of increasingly ridiculous plots, characters and stunts. No matter how it looks Fast and furious movies are the height of outrage, the franchise has been pushed to far more ridiculous limits by Universal’s world expansion.

In addition to the main entries in the long-running franchise, Universal released an animated series on Netflix in 2019 called Fast and furious spy racers. He continued the tradition of adding new and absurd concepts to the canon. What else, Fast and furious spy racers is canon, so all the ridiculous vehicles, scenarios, characters, etc. are official. While the movies have already exposed audiences to meme-worthy visuals like Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto flying through the air to save his family and cars being used as bridges, Fast and furious Spy racers takes things to a new level.

Fast & Furious Spinoff Show introduced underwater and invisible cars after F9’s Space Car

While much of the spectacle is seen later Fast and furious entries became more convoluted and unrealistic, one could argue that this change in direction is a stroke of brilliance as it infuses the series with fresher ideas, thus extending the franchise’s run. In 2021, Universal Pictures released the ninth installment of the franchise, F9, and performed moderately well at the global box office. But what stood out the most was seeing Roman and Tej flying in outer space F9the culmination of.

“The Rocket Car” as F9 referred to as not so ridiculous when we consider the underwater cars seen in the Fast and furious spy racers“season five. Whether it’s pure ridiculousness or an homage to a beloved manga from the 60s Speed ​​Racer, the underwater cars assured newer and older viewers of the franchise that anything was possible. If the submarines didn’t seem like too much of a stretch, Fast and furious spy racers upped the ante in its sixth season with the introduction of the invisible cars. Of course, in a series with the word “spy” a James Bond reference or two is to be expected.

Ghosts and other supernatural threats exist in the Fast and Furious franchise

Fast and furious spy racers - supernatural scene

From street racers participating in illegal drag races to working with international task forces to save the world from catastrophic disasters, Fast and furious it’s come a long way. What wasn’t expected was the show’s introduction of extraterrestrials and geography. In Season 6, one of Tony Toretto’s friends wonders if a particular case they’re struggling to solve could be the result of paranormal intervention.

While the suggestion seems like an innocuous line of dialogue, the implication of ectoplasmic emission readers and other existing ghost hunting tools is enough to suggest that ghosts do exist in Fast and furious. It’s a potentially franchise-altering reveal, not least because it could mean audiences will see Dom’s team battle supernatural villains. The introduction of ghosts could become a way for the franchise to bring back more dead characters without resurrecting them.

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Spy Racers proves that Fast and Furious movies can still get even more ridiculous

Fast and furious spy racers Netflix

While all these concepts which Fast and furious spy racers The performance may appear to be purely comical or even silly, they really create great entertainment for the followers of Fast and furious franchise. More importantly, the introduction of underwater cars, ghosts and even how Quickly X teased time travel work to build and develop the world that Dom and his family inhabit. They also keep the series from stalling and running out of gas.

Given the success and appeal of the franchise, the increasingly ridiculous elements that the extended franchise uses can be part of building Fast and furious and Jurassic Park crossover. If Universal Pictures continues the trend of upping the stakes and the spectacle, longtime viewers can expect to see Dom and Family tackle a wealth of insane and ridiculous scenarios in the future Fast and furious installments. With multiple films still on the horizon, there’s no telling which elements will be included next.

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