The fastest cars in Forza Motorsport


  • Forza Motorsport returns to racing on a track, ditching the open-world format of previous games. Cars are classified into separate categories to ensure fair competition.

  • The top-of-the-line P and X classes feature the fastest cars, including World Endurance Championship and Formula 1 racing cars capable of the fastest lap times.

  • Featured cars, such as the Toyota TS040 Hybrid, Ginetta G60-LT-P1, Porsche 919 Hybrid, Ferrari 641 and McLaren MP4/4, have outstanding performance and high marks for handling, acceleration and braking.

Forza Motorsport ditches the open-world formula of previous entries and returns players to track racing events that feature a variety of iconic tracks. While speed isn’t everything when it comes to winning races, it’s certainly still important, and as a result cars are classified into separate categories to ensure the races are kept fair. The fastest cars can be found at the top end of the P and X classes, which include racing cars from both the World Endurance Championship and Formula 1.

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Although each of these cars can easily exceed 200 mph at top speed, few tracks will give them the opportunity to do so. Other factors, such as how quickly the car can approach and turn corners, contribute to reducing the overall lap time. Track for track, these cars are capable of the fastest possible lap times around any track and few other cars can match them.

1 2014 Toyota Racing TS040 Hybrid

Speed: 6.4 / Acceleration: 10

Toyota’s TS040 Hybrid has been one of the most dominant cars in recent World Endurance Racing memory, scoring an incredible 14 race wins from a total of 16 appearances. This helped the team secure a double in the WEC Drivers’ and Constructors’ championships in 2014. The TS040 features a rare 4-wheel drive compared to most rear-wheel drive racers, which can give it exceptional control when going through particularly difficult bends and chicanes.

Just like in real life, the Toyota TS040 scores some high marks in all measurable departments, including 10.0 Handling, 10.0 Acceleration, 9.9 Terminationand 6.4 Speed no upgrades applied. The car can be purchased for 380,000 in-game credits and has integrity PI of 981.

2 2019 Ginetta #6 Team LNT Ginetta G60-LT-P1

Speed: 7.1 / Acceleration: 8.1

Forza Motorsport Best Cars P Class Ginetta G60

Although the Ginetta team was largely plagued by financial problems during their brief run in the World Endurance Championship, their Le Mans prototype, the G60-LT-P1, still has some impressive qualities and ranks among the fastest cars in the game. While the car was a worthy competitor at times, it never reached its full potential – something players can now achieve in Forza Motorsport with the use of upgrades and tuning.

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The G60-LT-P1 has some great performance metrics that put it at the very top of the P class. They include 10.0 Handling, 10.0 Termination, 8.1 Accelerationand 7.1 Speed. The only reason it falls slightly behind the X-Class cars is the fact that it has a slightly higher gross weight. Overall, the Ginetta G60-LT-P1 has a PI of 981 – leaving little room for players to tweak their settings and upgrades to maximize performance.

3 2017 Porsche #2 Porsche Team 919 Hybrid

Speed: 6.7 / Acceleration: 10

Forza Motorsport The fastest cars in the game Porsche 919 Hybrid

Arguably the most successful car in world endurance racing, the Porsche 919 Hybrid competed in the WEC from 2014-2017, scoring 17 wins and 43 podiums in a total of 34 races. This led to a hat-trick of driver’s and constructor’s championships in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Notable 919 Hybrid drivers include Nico Hulkenberg, Mark Webber and Mark Lieb.

The 919 Hybrid is the only non-formula car to be placed in the X class, a testament to its stunning overall speed, even compared to its rivals at the top end of the P class. The car has amazing efficiency ratings with 10.0 Handling, 10.0 Termination, and 10.0 Accelerationalong with convenient 6.7 Speed before upgrading or setting up. Overall, the Porsche Team 919 Hybrid has a PI of 999corresponding to the highest possible rating in the game.

4 1990 Ferrari #1 Scuderia Ferrari 641

Speed: 6.8 / Acceleration: 10

Forza Motorsport The fastest cars in the game Ferrari 641

Driven by F1 legends Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell, the Ferrari 641 from the 1990 season brought much needed competition to McLaren’s dominance and amassed 6 race wins with 14 podiums from a total of 16 races. Perhaps the greatest achievement of the year came from Prost, who managed to secure victory from 13th on the grid at the Mexican Grand Prix while driving the 641.

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Placed in Class X, the fastest racing category in Forza Motorsport, The Ferrari 641 has 10.0 Handling, 10.0 Accelerationand 10.0 Terminationtogether with 6.8 Speed. The car has a slight horsepower advantage over its main rival, the McLaren MP4/4, but the slightly higher overall weight means the McLaren has a slight power-to-weight advantage. Overall, the Scuderia Ferrari 641 has a PI of 999.

5 1988 McLaren #12 Honda McLaren MP4/4

Speed: 6.8 / Acceleration: 10

Forza Motorsport Fastest Cars In Game McLaren Mp4

McLaren’s 1988 MP4/4 is widely regarded as one of the most successful Formula 1 cars of all time, claiming an incredible 15 victories in 16 races and helping Ayrton Senna win his first of three World Drivers’ Championships. Featuring a 1.5-litre V6 turbo engine as well as a number of unique design concepts to aid downforce and cornering, the MP4/4 offers significant speed in all parts of the race track.

This X Class car can be purchased for 390,000 credits and offers outstanding stats in almost all areas. with 10.0 Handling, 10.0 Acceleration, 10.0 Termination, and 6.8 Speed, few if any other cars in the game can match the lap times of the McLaren MP4/4. In general, the car is with PI of 999which joins the Ferrari 641 as the highest in the game.

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