The Internet’s 10 Best Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween Night

Reddit has compiled the best Halloween watch list! u/Chashme_Wali asked the community what they plan to watch for the best holiday in the history of the world. The responses were top notch and made us rethink our plans for tonight. Check out the best must-see Halloween movies below!

10. The Exorcist (1973)

Where you can watch: Max and Sling

A woman turns to Catholic priests to save the soul and life of her possessed daughter. This movie is nightmare fuel and I’m surprised it’s not higher on the list to be honest.

9. The radiance

Where you can watch: Max and Sling

An isolated family finds itself plagued by sinister forces in this Stephen King adaptation. A lot of people like this movie, so I’m not surprised that Reddit has it on the short list for Halloween shenanigans.

8. Talk to Me (2023)

Where you can watch: VOD

A group of friends bite off more than they can chew when their favorite party prop opens the door to supernatural beings. This is probably my favorite movie of 2023, so I love that the internet is finally getting on board.

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7. Hereditary (2018)

Where you can watch: Max

A family’s grief is interrupted by sinister forces. This is Ari Astaire’s best movie and I’m still upset that Toni Collette didn’t win an Oscar for her performance.

6. Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

Where you can watch: VOD

This part goes back to 1988 when Katie and Christy meet their imaginary friend Toby. I’m glad Reddit showed this franchise some love and supported this eerie found footage entry to be the chosen one.

5. Spider’s Web (2023)

Where you can watch: Hulu

An eight-year-old discovers a dark family secret when he begins to investigate knocking sounds from inside the walls of his house. This might be the most coded Halloween movie we’ve seen in years. It definitely belongs on the list of movies you must watch tonight.

4. Hell House LLC (2015)

Where you can watch: Crackle, Plex, Prime Video, Shudder, Tubi and YouTube

A documentary film crew heads to the scene of a haunted house tragedy on Halloween. The film that launched one of the beloved found footage franchises deserves to be screened on this hallowed holiday. If you want to marathon all four movies, Shudder is your girl today.

3. Ghostwatch (1992)

Where you can watch: VOD

This creepy found-footage film is presented as a live broadcast, letting viewers watch an on-air investigation into a home haunted by a poltergeist. I watched this for the first time this year and was changed for the worse. So, I agree with Reddit on this one too!

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2. Trick and treating

Where you can watch: Max

Five intertwining stories set on Halloween night follow the journey of a charming monster who appears at multiple scenes of violent incidents. This anthology is extremely popular for good reason.

1. Halloween (1978)

Where you can watch: Crackle, Plex, and Redbox

Michael Myers returns home to finish the killing spree that began 15 years ago. This movie is the reason for the season! I’m happy this is the most popular Halloween watch because it’s literally the only right choice for the top spot.

Are these movies on your Halloween list tonight? Tell me what you’re looking at @misssharai.

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