The Lakewood NJ Business Expo offers advice to working moms

LAKEWOOD – The recent JBiz Expo & Conference in Lakewood brought together women and business owners who shared their secrets to success and tips for managing busy personal and professional lives.

The conference room at Blue Claw Stadium was packed as women gathered for a panel on “Helping Women Climb the Ladder to Success” at the event hosted by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce.

Number one recommendation from the panelists? Learn how to pick your battles.

“Let the little things slide,” said Esther Rises-Löwenbein, a mother of eight and a private fund manager and investor, answering questions from the audience about how to run a business while tending to a household with children.

“It doesn’t always have to be the perfect dinner,” said Leah Friedman, mother of four and CEO of ItCon, a cybersecurity company.

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