The legacy of HBO is the source of this breakthrough interior trend

Logan Roy in a white office

Printed wallpaper, natural fabrics and moody floral prints are the latest decor trends that we can expect to see a lot more of in the coming months, thanks to HBO’s latest hit show Succession. Whether it’s updating the living room with new wallpaper trends or creating an interesting feature wall for the bedroom, there’s plenty of inspiration flying around.

It’s easy to become as obsessed with the interior backdrop of a TV show as you are with the characters or storyline. And if you’ve had your eye on the Roy family’s decor choices, you’re not the only one.

“It’s fascinating to see how much our viewing habits can inspire our decorating decisions – and how quickly consumers will make a switch once a piece of home decor catches their fancy,” says Sarah Link, Head of Marketing, La Redoute.

Logan Roy in a white office

Logan Roy in a white office

Gloomy flowers are the latest advertisement in the field of decors

The combination of printed wallpaper with neutral color palettes creates a gorgeous interior with a high-quality, sophisticated feel, so it’s no wonder so many of us are desperate to copy the Roy family’s interiors in our own homes.

Google searches for floral and botanical wallpaper increased by 120% after episode 1 aired, while searches for wall panels, as seen in Logan Roy’s research, increased by 130% in just 20 days.

And while it’s the luxurious feel that many may want to recreate, you don’t have to spend a crazy amount to incorporate these dark interiors into your home.

Logan Roy in a wooden living room

Logan Roy in a wooden living room

How to recreate the trend in your home

“Neutral color palettes are used liberally throughout the interior of the show. Buyers can choose cream or white walls with COAT Paints in the shades Screenshot and Low Salt, pairing them with muted, delicate floral wallpaper,” suggests Sarah from La Redoute.

Sticking to mostly neutral tones and adding pops of color is far from a new trend, and you may already have a solid accent color paired with your beige living room ideas. But going for a striking color is a bolder choice, especially if you complement it with muted floral tones.

COAT Paints Flat Matt Emulsion Paint, by £1.50 at La Redoute

A simple, neutral background is the perfect foundation to start building a gorgeous interior with a mood. This matte emulsion paint from COAT Paints is durable, wipeable and provides great coverage. See a deal

“These monotones also extend to the furnishings, which are predominantly neutral and designed more for display than comfort,” Sarah adds. “Occasionally, pops of color are added, such as the striking navy blue sofa that adds richness to Logan’s summer house, but they are used sparingly.”

Don’t worry about conflicting patterns or creating an interior that is “too much”. The printed wallpaper seen in Succession draws on the maximalism trend, which is known for its bold prints and eclectic mix of patterns.

So’Home Upholstered Velvet Glamorous Sofa, £399 at La Redoute

This lovely velvet sofa is the perfect way to make a statement and bring in those luxurious, sumptuous tones. Combine with floral patterns for that extra plush feel, then use simple, muted colors as a backdrop. See a deal

“Visual elegance is at the forefront of all design decisions, not tactile designs that provide comfort, so replace shaggy rugs and cozy throws with low-pile rugs and structured cushions.”

Think style over comfort (although you don’t have to sacrifice the latter entirely). Recreating this trend can be as simple as updating your couch cushion ideas and replacing your current ones with some bold floral prints. Patterned curtains are also a nice way to bring in those expensive-looking, rich tones; we love the Anika gold curtains from Hillarys as the pattern is subtle enough to blend in with any decor choice.

“Hamptons-worthy neutrals and luxurious interiors are reflected in many homes across the country, and we predict that Roy family-style interiors will remain popular season after season,” says Sarah.

Will you join the hype and bring luxurious floral prints or patterned wallpaper into your home?

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