The most popular Spanish-language movies and series on Netflix in 2022

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It’s time for another roundup for 2022, where we’ll use the Netflix Top 10 to look at which Spanish-language movies and series scored the most points in the Netflix Top 10.

This list comes from SVOD tracking site FlixPatrol, which tracks daily top 10s and other factors each day to determine what’s hot on Netflix and other streaming services. By assigning points to titles that appear in Netflix’s top 10, we can see what the trend is weekly, monthly, or in this case for the whole of 2022.

This is one of several top 10 roundups we’ve put together, looking back at the biggest hits of 2022. We’ve covered the top 100 highest-grossing shows, biggest action movies, horror movies and reality shows.

The 25 Best Spanish-Language TV Series on Netflix in 2022

coffee with the scent of a woman

coffee with the scent of a woman

Colombian telenovelas dominated Netflix’s top 10 in 2022, but what’s even more remarkable is that some of the biggest titles weren’t available on Netflix worldwide.

Undertake coffee with the scent of a woman, for example; this show is only available in a few select countries in Latin America, but it still beats globally available titles.

Why did it manage to dominate the top 10 so much? Big seasons. In the case of Cafe, Season 1 consists of a total of 88 episodes.

The first series to feature Spain itself is Elite which returned for two new seasons (Seasons 5 and 6) in 2022 and undoubtedly helped his scoring ability.

Here are the 25 best Spanish-language series included in Netflix’s top 10 in 2022:

  1. Coffee with the scent of a woman (Colombia) – 28,769 points
  2. Passion of Hawks (Colombia) – 27,593 points
  3. Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord (Colombia) – 24,318 points
  4. I Am Ugly Betty (Colombia) – 20,912 points
  5. Elite (Spain) – 18,659 points
  6. The Marked Heart (Colombia) – 15,581 points
  7. Pedro El Escamoso (Colombia) – 15,042 points
  8. Queen of the Stream (Colombia) – 12,297 points
  9. As long as money divides us (Colombia) – 12,187 points
  10. Welcome to Eden (Spain) – 11,204 points
  11. Wrong Side of the Tracks (Spain) – 9976 points
  12. High Heat (Mexico) – 9865 points
  13. Dark Desire (Mexico) – 8303 points
  14. Alba (Spain) – 8134 points
  15. Money Heist (Spain) – 7493 points
  16. Who killed Sarah? (Mexico) – 6845 points
  17. Toy Boy (Spain) – 5376 points
  18. Intimacy (Spain) – 5322 points
  19. The Unbroken Voice (Columbia) – 5042 points
  20. The King, Vicente Fernandez (Colombia) – 4504 points
  21. The Longest Night (Spain) – 3023 points
  22. Rebelde (Mexico) – 2865 points
  23. There’s Heaven Without Breasts (Colombia) – 2154 points
  24. Sagrada Familia (Spain) – 1743 points
  25. Lies and Deception (Spain) – 1652 points

Top 20 Spanish Language Movies on Netflix in 2022

through my window netflix movie

Through My Window – Photo: Netflix

If you look at the point differences between the movies below and the series above, you’ll be able to tell that the Spanish language movies didn’t travel as well as the series.

The only Spanish-language film that managed to break international borders and into English-speaking regions was through my window which collected almost twice as many points in the top 10 compared to God’s crooked line.

  1. Through my window (Spain) 11,553 points
  2. God’s Curves (Spain) 5284 points
  3. The Ideal Family (Spain) 4541 points
  4. Honeymoon with my mom (Spain) 4370 points
  5. The Chalk Line (Spain) 4174 points
  6. Valley of the Dead (Spain) 3330 points
  7. Centauro (Spain) 2916 points
  8. Under Her Control (Spain) 2472 points
  9. Code name: Emperor (Spain) 2282 points
  10. Not So Merry Christmas (Mexico) 1919 points
  11. The Vault (Spain) 1821 points
  12. Man of Action (Spain) 1513 points
  13. The Wasteland (Spain) 1462 points
  14. Crazy about work (Mexico) 1204 points
  15. We will see (Mexico) 1017 points
  16. Life is Life (Spain) 984 points
  17. Running with the Devil (Colombia) 860 points
  18. Parallel Mothers (Spain) 849 points
  19. Journey 6 (Columbia) 805 points
  20. 40 Years Young (Mexico) 797 points

What was your favorite Spanish-language title you watched on Netflix last year? Let us know below.

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