The New Godzilla Show Fixes 3 Key Franchise Issues After 4 Monsterverse Movies


  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will expand the story and interactions between humanity and the Titans in the Monsterverse, going beyond what the films have explored.
  • The show will focus less on Godzilla and more on the human characters to develop a richer narrative and provide a new perspective.
  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters will introduce new Titans, adding to the roster of monsters in the Monsterverse and enhancing Godzilla’s role as the Alpha Titan.

The new show on Apple TV+ Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters will greatly expand the story and scope of the Monsterverse, and in doing so will address several key issues that the four films have yet to address. While the modern films have focused heavily on both Godzilla and his rival Kong, the show will focus on the larger story of not only the mysterious Monarch organization, but also the interactions between humanity and the other titans throughout the Monsterverse timeline. Godzilla will appear as the ruling Alpha Titan of the planet, but the upcoming Godzilla TV show will be able to delve deeper into the history of the Monsterverse than any movie has ever done.

The show’s ability to delve into the lore of the Monsterverse will allow it to focus on several issues that the films, in their limited run time, have not been able to address. The four Monsterverse movies, including 2014’s Godzilla2017 Kong: Skull Island2019 Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and 2021 Godzilla vs. Konghave rightly focused on conflicting with well-known monsters from Godzilla’s long history at Toho, neglecting the human characters or unknown titans. Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters can greatly develop these supporting elements of the Monsterverse that will make for a richer universe and narrative around Godzilla.

Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters gives Godzilla a smaller role

Dating back to its first appearance in 1954 Godzilla, the reptilian monster has been the focus of kaiju films in both Japan and the United States. Because of this, most moviegoers are familiar with all of Godzilla’s powers and abilities as Earth’s protector (most of the time). Although the Monsterverse films have made some slight changes to his backstory and power source, he has appeared in three of the four films so far, and thus there is relatively little left to explore about Godzilla himself.

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That gives Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters a unique opportunity to reduce Godzilla’s role in his narrative. Trailers have revealed that Godzilla will still appear in the show, and given the time periods the show will cover, his actions will likely still drive some of the characters’ backstory and motivations. However, by focusing on the other humans and Titans in the world instead of Godzilla, the show is able to more fully reveal the world around him. This will enhance his future appearances in the Monsterverse films, while also opening up the possibility for more non-Godzilla spin-offs in the vein of Kong: Skull Island.

A Godzilla show could finally bring fully realized human characters to the franchise

Kurt and Wyatt Russell in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

A common complaint from critics of the Monsterverse films is the lack of human character development. While some do a better job than others, the films have largely ignored the human characters involved in the larger Titan narrative in favor of clashing kaiju action. This came to the head with Godzilla vs. Kongwhich focused almost entirely on the three monsters at its core and reduced its human characters to little more than tools for exposition. Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters could reverse the trend by creating a human-centric narrative with stronger characters prominent across multiple episodes.

The show seems to be emphasizing just that possibility, even casting Kurt and Wyatt Russell as younger and older versions of the same character, whose role will be explored over several decades. As much fun as fighting giant monsters is, the expansion of human characters can help provide a new perspective on humanity’s role in a world dominated by godlike titans. This will add some much-needed gravitas to the overall narrative of the Monsterverse and help audiences understand the ground-level effects of the rise of the Titans that go far beyond giant creatures punching each other and shooting energy beams.

Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters introduces new monsters

A winged monster in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

From the second Godzilla movie, Godzilla strikes again, he has fought other giant monsters. His role as protector (and sometimes enemy) of humanity brings him into conflict with the monsters that threaten the world, and the Monsterverse continues to emphasize this important characteristic of Godzilla’s personality, establishing him as the Alpha Titan of the planet. Rightfully so, the films so far have only pitted Godzilla against monsters long established by Toho as his adversaries and allies. A big draw for the four Monsterverse movies were the modern screen appearances of several of the famous Monsterverse titans after Godzilla vs. Kong.

Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters will reveal new titans, some of which may have been hinted at or briefly seen Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Considered by Godzilla: King of the Monsters, at least 17 Titans were found and were under Monarch’s watch. Ignoring these other monsters, given their size and roles as both allies and antagonists to humanity (and Godzilla), would be a huge omission for the Monsterverse, and Monarch: Legacy of the Monsters the episodic format allows for their introduction without crowding with film. An expanded roster of monsters can only enrich the overall narrative of the Monsterverse and enhance Godzilla’s role as the Alpha Titan.

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