The new Kansas City International Airport is embarrassing. Reopen the old terminals

New KCI woes

Give us back the airport to our citizens!

The convenience of the horseshoe terminals at the old Kansas City International Airport has been a point of pride for me since I moved to the area 26 years ago. The brilliance of the old airport design was a boon to the Kansas City area and a testament to the practical ingenuity of our people.

I mourn the end of this glorious era. The new terminal serves as an embarrassing example of ignorance and abuse. There is a very small pick up and drop off area. Now there is an absurdly long walk inside the terminal, just like all stupidly designed airports everywhere else. The long lines to board and return show the stupidity and cruelty of the leaders who gave us this new terminal.

Maybe we can use the new international travel terminal. We need to reopen the old terminals for the good of the people.

– Jeffrey A. Young, Nice hill

Serving whom?

State Sen. Rick Brattin’s bill, which would continue Missouri’s grocery sales tax but not guns, is against families, individuals and poor people in general. (March 9, 1A, “Bill would make MO the only state to tax food, not guns”) So guns are more important than food to people?

What is wrong with this country that someone in public service would even consider promoting such a thing? Missouri is the only state that taxes food but not firearms. I’ve seen a lot in my 82 years of life, but now the elected officials who are supposed to help us are targeting ordinary people across the state, and not in a good way.

To think that an elected official would even propose taxing food and not guns makes me think he is among the others who should be sent running from office. Obviously, he is only for himself and his like-minded people.

– Betty Grammer, Raymore

Power grab

A March 6 front page headline tells us, “KS bill softens barriers between lawmakers and special interests.” How can an average Kansas resident stop such terrible laws that would allow elected officials to continue receiving more money and privileges from lobbyists?

Lobbyists should be banned everywhere. All they seem to care about is how rich and powerful they can become by helping the people and companies they represent get richer.

– Judy Allen, Olathe

You are for them

The same Kansas lawmakers who refuse to increase KanCare funding, as outlined in Norman Kahn’s fascinating and persuasive guest commentary, “Not Expanding KanCare Is a Drain on All of Us” (March 3, 7A), are now creating laws that will allow them to receive campaign contributions during legislative sessions, along with other measures that blur the lines of transparency.

Kansas: Love the state, hate the politics.

– Mike Crater, Overland Park

This is garbage

Congratulations on the long-awaited new terminal at the Kansas City International Airport, a source of pride for Kansas City. Our city will soon be in the national spotlight for the NFL Draft, the NCAA Division I Midwest Men’s Basketball Regional, the Soccer World Cup and much more.

How sad that out-of-town visitors passing through our city—on their way to hotels and events, spending money to stimulate our local economy—will see trash littering our streets and highways in every direction they look.

It’s disgusting. Kansas City, we’re better than that. What is being done to address this issue?

– Karen Owings, Kansas City

On his side

A new botnet is bombarding Donald Trump’s potential GOP presidential contenders. (March 7, 2A, “Thousands of pro-Trump bots attack DeSantis, Haley”)

Why on earth does Trump need “Mr. Great” network? He already has one. It’s called Fox News. (March 9, 8A, “Why does Josh Hawley think Missourians are stupid?”)

– Stephen Hornbaker, Kansas City

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