The report reveals the leading trends in functional drinks

The report reveals the leading trends in functional drinks

A recently published consumer trends report from Prinova, the global supplier of ingredients and premix manufacturing solutions, notes that 89% of consumers choose functional foods and beverages over supplements to support their health (FMCG Gurus Nutritional Supplements 2022).

And as the soft drinks market has a global revenue of nearly US$1.5 trillion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% through 2027, the report notes that consumers are looking for a wider range of options as alternatives.

“Given the scale of this market need and the ever-expanding range of advanced functional ingredients, it’s clear that there is still huge opportunity for innovation in the functional beverage space,” said James Street, global marketing director at Prinova.

Topical Ingredients and Health Purposes

The report notes that the ingredients most sought after by customers in health drinks include vitamins (65%), minerals (48%) and plant proteins (36%). Other sought after ingredients include fruit, whey protein, glucose, amino acids and ginseng.

In terms of desired health benefits consumers look for when purchasing healthier beverages, 58% of consumers say they look for energy benefits.

“Interestingly, although caffeine is widely recognized for its energy benefits, it did not rank very highly among our respondents as a desired health ingredient,” the report states. “This opens up possibilities for ingredients that support sustained energy without the caffeine crash, such as B vitamins, slow-release carbohydrates like enduracarb, and natural caffeine alternatives, including guarana, yerba mate, and matcha.”

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