The Scream movies don’t need a complete reboot


  • While there has been speculation about a Scream VII reboot, there is no need to since the franchise has already been rebooted twice.
  • The Scream TV show has already had two full reboots, making another reboot for the movies unnecessary.
  • A complete reboot of the Scream franchise would be bad for the movies as it would discard an important story and beloved characters.

There has been much speculation as to whether Vik the series will reboot again with the release of Vic VII, but a complete reboot isn’t necessary since the franchise has already done that (twice). Despite the long-lasting Vik franchise releasing six films from 1996 to 2023, the films have always maintained a consistent continuity, with each being a sequel to the last. However, it looks like the reboot may finally be around the corner with the release of the Vic VIIbut that’s really not necessary.

2023 Vic VI was a huge box office success, with the film prompting the studio to push for a seventh film. As development continues Vic VII ran smoothly for a while, Spyglass Media Group made the controversial move to lay off Vic V and Vic VI star Melissa Berrera of the sequel due to her support for Palestine on social media, with Spyglass deeming her remarks anti-Semitic. Since then, Jenna Ortega has also left Vic VIIputting the franchise in disarray and setting the stage for a potential reboot.


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The TV show Scream has already had 2 full reboots

While Vic VII it may be a reboot, this move is unnecessary as Vik The TV show has already done two full reboots. MTV 2015 Vik the series followed the same basic premise as the original films, but the TV show was not canon to the films. Instead, Vik seasons 1 and 2 told a standalone story that was completely separate from the stories of Sidney Prescott and the other recurring characters from the films.

whatever Vik The TV show also rebooted the series for a second time, further confirming that another reboot is not necessary. The Vik The TV series moved to VH1 for its third season, having been completely cut from the previous two seasons. Vik season 3 was a complete reboot, once again focusing on all-new characters in an all-new setting.

Why a full reboot would be bad for the Scream movies

Despite the massive speculation around Vic VII such as rebooting, doing a full reboot of Vik the franchise would be bad for the movies. Much of the appeal of Vik films is the ongoing storyline, with each past Ghostface killer being important to the story of the subsequent films. Vic VI it featured easter eggs that referenced each one Vik movie so far, and rebooting the franchise would throw out all kinds of important lore.


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Although Sam and Tara Carpenter might not be back for the next one Vik film, there are still all kinds of beloved characters that would be lost if Vik movies are rebooted. Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers has been around since the beginning, while Kirby Reed, the Meeks-Martin twins and more may reappear in the seventh film. Carpenters can be hard to spell Vic VIIbut it’s a much better choice than rebooting the Vik movies in full.


Wes Craven revolutionized the slasher horror genre with the release of Scream in 1996, the first in the long-running franchise. The residents of Woodsboro discover a series of murders committed by a dangerous killer wearing a ghost mask with an obsession for classic horror movies. In order to survive, a group of high school students, a reporter and a local councilman will have to subvert expectations of horror and stay one step ahead of the killer.

Release date
December 20, 1996

Jamie Kennedy, Skeet Ulrich, Drew Barrymore, Rose McGowan, Neave Campbell, David Arquette, Roger Jackson, Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard


Execution time
111 minutes

Kevin Williamson


Shout 2, Shout 4, Shout 3

Mark Irwin

Carrie Woods, Kathy Conrad

Production company
Woods Entertainment, Dimension Films

14 million dollars

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