The young guru refutes Dame Dash’s claim that JAY-Z stole music

Young Guru does not accept Dame Dash’s claim that JAY-Z has repeatedly stolen music from other artists, including Ja Rule and Omilio Sparks.

In an interview for The Guardians Showthe Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder made a number of accusations against his former friend and business partner.

“Jay had a pattern of pulling n-ggas records,” Dame said while discussing Cam’ron’s decision to delete Hov’s verse from “Oh Boy.” “Jay has [track] record on record on record after it got hot and now he can play that record and now it sounds like he made that record – that was his model … That’s screwed for the guy who [made the song].

“Ja Rule’s record ‘Can I Get A…’ that was Ja Rule’s record. “I’m a cheater, baby!‘ [‘I Just Wanna Love U’]that was it [Omillio] Sparks’ record. That’s the only reason Sparks is there because it was his record. So he does this thing where he says this is your record, I’m going to jump and now this is my record. It’s almost blackmail.

Young Guru, JAY-Z’s longtime engineer, took to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday (Dec. 20) and denied the claims.

“LIMITATION on this narrative that Jay STEALS songs,” he wrote. “1. Jay got “I just want to love you” directly from Pharrell and made the song from scratch. Sparks says a hook to Rick James.

“2. “Can I have” was Irv’s idea, literally “Jay, get on this record, but please keep JA.” I love you OG, but no.

In a follow-up post, Guru also addressed the idea that Hov stole Joe Budden’s “Pump It Up,” which he freestyled on his 2003 mixtape. The S. Carter Collection and shot Budden. (Jay originally delivered the beat before quoting Budden $250,000 to appear on the official remix, a fee the young rapper thought was too high.)

“And while we’re here, ‘Pump it Up’ was for a mixtape. It was the mixtape at the time. Rap over the hottest beats. Everybody did that for mixtapes,” he pointed out.

Budden himself responded to Guru’s comments by writing, “lol Guru has had enough [crying face emoji].”

Dame Dash recently hinted that he’s ready to end his long-running feud with JAY-Z, but also said the billionaire rapper has “nasty” people around him.

“There are things — and I don’t want to get into that — that I morally cannot be a part of,” Dash explained to The CEO Show. “But if [JAY] I can just reject all the things I don’t morally like and all the people who have done things and are doing things I can’t morally fuck with, [then] we could only fuck with the family.

Dame Dash: ‘There Would Be No JAY-Z Rapping If It Wasn’t For Me’

Dame also recently said that Nas emerged victorious in his high-profile battle with JAY-Z.

“To Jay [‘Supa Ugly’] the response was terrible,” he told the This is the F***ed Up Podcast. “The thing is, we hit it first with the Summer Jam joint that was pretty tough, ‘Takeover.’ But when [Nas] came with “Ether”, I was kind of excited because it said my name. I was like, “I guess I’m on a rap record.”

“But the answer, I wasn’t there for the answer. I had landed, Irv Gotti screwed that up. Every time Irv Gotti came into my business, he screwed something up… He threw him that Ether. Made him apologize. The rap he did was crazy – when I heard it, I was furious.”

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