These are 5 of the biggest travel trends for 2024, according to Expedia

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2023 was a big year for travel.

Many destinations have finally seen a major recovery after several years of travel restrictions impacting tourism, with many countries setting new tourism records.

Some of the biggest travel trends in 2023 include the removal of restrictions such as vaccine requirements and mask mandates, a return to cruises, the growing popularity of solo travel, and more.

Woman on the beach

Expedia has now published a new report containing the top travel trends expected in 2024.

Here’s what’s trending among travelers now and into the new year:

1. Set-Jetting

One of the top travel trends for 2024 is actually a carryover from 2023, which saw the rise of “set-jetting,” or traveling to destinations where your favorite TV shows and movies were filmed.

Woman on a swing on the beach in Thailand

Sicily, Italy was one of the hottest destinations in 2023 thanks to the popularity of the hit TV show The white lotusand Thailand is expected to be a popular hotspot in 2024 because it hosts the next season, which is released next year.

Similarly, Romania started to develop after the popular TV show Wednesday is released and passengers flock to the French capital for theirs Emily in Paris experience.

A woman in Paris

2. Destination Dupes

In 2024, budget travelers will look for more affordable alternatives or “cheats” to popular destinations that are expensive and overcrowded.

Some examples of fraudulent destinations include:

  • Paros, Greece (after Santorini)
  • Liverpool, England (false for London)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (spoof for Seoul)
  • Memphis, Tennessee (spoof for Nashville)
View of Paros Greece over the water

These cheats offer a similar vibe and experience at a lower price. Also, the “rogues” are often less visited destinations that don’t experience the negative effects of over-tourism like their more popular counterparts.

3. Tourist tourism

Travel based on concert tours was huge in 2023 and is expected to grow further in 2024, with 70% of travelers saying they would travel out of town for a concert.

A crowd raises their hands at a concert

Another 40% said they would use a concert in another city as an opportunity to explore a new destination as well.

In 2023, hundreds of thousands of fans around the world traveled for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour and Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, with many superfans even booking trips for multiple concert dates in different cities.

4. Waiting via Vibe

A particularly interesting travel trend for 2024? The huge increase in “moods” travelers are looking for when booking a hotel.

Hotel Miami at sunset

Not only concerned about a hotel’s rating or the amenities it offers, travelers now place more importance than ever on the hotel’s overall atmosphere. In fact, guest reviews mentioning the word “mood” have increased by more than 1,000% this year, showing that it’s something that’s increasingly crucial to travelers.

Although “mood” is somewhat ambiguous and difficult to define, many guests associate it with the hotel’s customer service, interior design, lighting and music. All these elements contribute to the overall atmosphere of the hotel.

Although they seem small things at first glance, these are the elements that can really make your stay unforgettable.

Female tourist enjoying breakfast outdoors at a coastal hotel or resort in an unspecified coastal location

5. Go-cases

Finally, one of the biggest travel trends for next year is go-cases.

This means travelers are looking for any excuse to book a trip with friends, family or a loved one. Travel is increasingly associated with celebrating special occasions.

And we’re not just talking about honeymoons or birthday trips.

A couple on a tropical vacation in a luxury hotel

Babymoons (the last vacation before having a baby), puppymoons (the last vacation before getting a puppy), bachelorette parties, and anniversaries are some popular reasons to travel.

Work-related celebrations are also trending, with travelers booking trips to mark getting a new job, promotion, leaving a job or retirement.

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