These are the New Year’s resolutions from your 10 favorite vegan celebrities, chefs and social media stars

New year, new you? To kick off 2024 with a bang (and get some much-needed inspiration), we asked some of our favorite vegan chefs, celebrities, and social media stars about their New Year’s resolutions. From spreading the plant message to focusing on self-care goals, dive into the inspiring resolutions they’ve made for the year ahead… and start planning your own.

Harper Collins

1 Tabitha Brown

Emmy-nominated television host, entrepreneur and social media personality

I don’t really make resolutions, but I absolutely intend to be better than I was the year before. To love harder, to give more, to relax more and just be more present.”

VegNews.MenaMassoudIGInstagram/Mena Masood

2 Mena Masood

Actor, producer and author of A developing vegan cooking book

My solution is to set an intention for my food and my body before each meal. There is now considerable research showing that your body processes food differently depending on mood and intention – it’s truly amazing how the mind and body work
in tandem.”

VegNews.ChefDanielHumm.LetiziaCigliuttiLetizia Cigliti

3 Daniel Humm

Chef/Owner of Eleven Madison Park in New York

Coming off my sub-three 2023 Boston Marathon times, my resolve is to break three hours again. I’ve been experimenting with what nutrition works best for my run and how to feed plants
while training hard.”

VegNews.PLNTBurgerSpikeMendelsohnSpike Mendelssohn

4 Spike Mendelssohn

Top boss star and co-founder of casual vegan chain PLNT Burger

My decision is to live in the moment. From running a startup to enjoying my family, it’s time to be real and be delicious.”

VegNews.LaurenToyotaLaura’s Toyota

5 Laura’s Toyota

Television personality, content creator and author of Hot for food all day cooking book

I want to make my bed every day, spend as much time as I can for myself (whether it’s exercise, meditation, going for a pedicure or a massage – this is important as a mother) and find a hobby that is different and develops a skill, but it’s kind of relaxing. I’ll have to let you know what I find!’

VegNews.EvaniceHolz.TracyNguyenTracy Nguyen

6 Evanice Wood

Chef/Owner of Señoreata and winner of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race

I want to take a siesta or nap whenever possible – I picked this up from a trip to Spain this year where I saw how little napping affected mood, energy and anxiety levels throughout the day. We are all part of a toxic work culture that prioritizes peak productivity [without] enough time to reset and recalibrate. More naps in 2024!”

VegNews.ZacharyBirdZachary Byrd

7 Zachary Byrd

Social media personality and author of The Vegan Baker cooking book

In 2024, I plan to put up with less idiots in my comments section and not waste my time fighting people trying to bash vegan food when I can spend that energy spreading the good news about how good it is .”

VegNews.ChefReinaMontenegroReina Montenegro

8 Reina Montenegro

Chef/Owner of Chef Reina in Brisbane, CA

I want to expand my culinary repertoire as a vegan chef – to explore new flavors, ingredients and techniques; exploring world cuisines; and try unique recipes. By continuing to learn and expand my knowledge, I hope to provide my customers with a varied and exciting dining experience.”

VegNews.ToniOkamotoTony Okamoto

9 Tony Okamoto

Author of Plant based on a budget cookbook and co-host of The Plant Powered People Podcast.

My determination is to stay focused on helping as many people as possible eat plant-based food.

VegNews.NickCutsumpas.IGNick Koutsumpas/Instagram

10 Nick Koutsumpas

TV personality, urban gardener and author of Plant trainer

My plant-based resolution is to try one new recipe every week. It’s easy to get into the daily habit of making my favorite meals, but nothing makes my veganism more exciting than experimenting and trying something new.”

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