This creature is one of Blumhouse’s most overlooked films


  • Blumhouse is known for producing gripping horror films, including the 1980s slasher comedy Totally Killer, Insidious: The Red Door and There’s Something Wrong With The Children.
  • Sweetheart is an underrated horror film from Blumhouse with a gripping plot, twists and surprises that keep fans engaged. It follows Jennifer battling a humanoid sea monster and dealing with troubled relationships.
  • Sweetheart has a 93% Tomatometer score, but only a 50% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics have praised Kiersey Clemons’ performance, and the finale is both satisfying and haunting. Jenn’s survival and transformation make for an unforgettable horrifying experience.

Blumhouse has produced some of the most compelling horror films over the past few years, and 2023 includes some fun and unique films. Some of the best films of the past year include the 80s slasher comedy Absolutely killerthe fifth installment in Insidious franchise Insidious: The Red Doorand creepy Something is wrong with the children. Horror fans can count on the production company to tell scary, gripping stories time and time again.

Blumhouse is known for making unique films while also producing popular and highly anticipated franchises. Back in 2019, the Blumhouse creature feature Cutie was released and didn’t get the love and praise it deserves. Horror fans should check out Blumhouse’s Cutiewhich has a compelling plot with enough twists, turns and surprises to keep seasoned fans of the genre engaged.

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What is Sweetheart?

The Blumhouse Horror Movie Cutie is about Jennifer Remming (Kiersey Clemons) who explores the ocean on a boat and who loses her boyfriend Brad (Benedict Samuel) immediately. This instant death scene is impactful and allows Jennifer to be a strong final horror movie girl who has to make some hard and fast decisions in order to survive.

When Jen encounters a humanoid sea monster that wants her dead, the two fight for the rest of the movie. Cutie also focuses on Jen’s relationships with Mia Reid (Hannah Mangan-Lawrence), her friend, and Lucas Griffin (Emory Cohen), her boyfriend. Their dynamic is problematic from the start. When the audience learns that another friend named Zack has died, it turns out that Mia and Lucas wanted him killed, suggesting that they are bad news for Jen. Mia also says that Jen is a liar who can’t be trusted, which adds even more conflict to an already tense and scary situation.

While Blumhouse is known for releasing legacy sequels such as David Gordon Green’s Halloween Trilogy and The Exorcist: Believer, do a great job with original horror films as well. While Cutie is not as well known as Get out or sinister, deserves more attention as it’s a solid story about being stranded on an island and fighting a terrifying creature. Since the monster isn’t shown much, they can’t be considered one of Blumhouse’s best horror villains. However, Blumhouse’s Cutie manages to create a chilling atmosphere where anything can happen.

What’s Sweetheart’s Rotten Tomatoes Score?

Kiersey Clemons as Jennifer who screams in Sweetheart

Several Blumhouse horror films have over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and that includes Cutie. The film has a 93% on Tomatometer based on 41 reviews. However, it has a much lower audience score of just 50%. Interestingly, sometimes critics and audiences seem to disagree about the quality of a film.

Based on what critics had to say about Blumhouse’s Cutie, people are in one of two camps: those who think it’s a great take on the desert island/monster movie subgenre of horror, and those who think the film has nothing fresh to say. For the most part, critics and fans praised Kiersey Clemons’ performance. She carries the film and makes sure that Jen is both strong and vulnerable.

How does Sweetheart end?

Kiersey Clemons in Honey.

At Blumhouse’s end Cutie, Jen injures the monster with a pen used by Zach, and she wins, at least for the time being. Jen writes in a journal what she has experienced so that she can help people. It’s an effective scene, as it’s definitely scary to imagine other people approaching the monster. Blumhouse’s most popular horror films make sure to include strong protagonists along with some emotional scenes, and the same goes for Cutie.

Jen tries to trick the humanoid sea monster into getting close enough to her to kill it with bones and tree branches. In the last scene of Cutie, Jen raises the head of the monster she killed. Although badly wounded, she won the battle. It’s a powerful moment and a haunting image as she knows how close she’s come to death on several occasions.

Like Blumhouse horror movies set in the desert Cutie has a fascinating setting that immediately creates a tense and dangerous atmosphere. Although the audience may be left with questions about Jen and what Mia said about her, it is still possible to say that this is a horror film with a satisfying ending. Jen sets out to save herself and kill the monster, and that’s exactly what she does. Blumhouse’s conclusion Cutie it’s also moving and profound because it’s clear that this experience has changed Jen forever. It will be hard to forget the time she had to survive against a humanoid sea monster.

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