This new 2-month river cruise takes passengers through 20 states

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This week, American Cruise Lines announced a new cruise that will take passengers through 20 US states. Once the cruise sets sail, it will be the longest domestic cruise ever, lasting 61 days.

The route passes 4 major rivers and stretches of beautiful coastline before ending at America’s most iconic landmark. Tickets for the cruise are on sale.

A cruise boat travels the Columbia River along the Oregon-Washington border

American Cruise Lines pulls out all the stops for this epic cruise—passengers will travel aboard the nation’s newest ships.

Cabins and suites will have private balconies and there will be a variety of restaurants, cafes and lounges, as well as a great observation deck from where they can enjoy the entire landscape.

Mississippi River with a bright sunset in the sky

From sea to shining sea

Starting on the west coast and heading east, The Great United States sailing takes passengers through some of the most scenic areas of the country.

Passengers will have the opportunity to see several national parks, towering mountain ranges, rocky coasts and historic ports. Over the course of two months, guests travel through all four time zones in the continental US

You might be wondering how all this is even possible. The answer is that the cruise takes place on three different ships with different flight segments.

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A white lighthouse sits on the edge of a rocky coast in Maine

Six different segments

To manage such an epic journey from coast to coast, the cruise is divided into six different segments, each with its own amazing attributes.

Days 1-8: The cruise begins on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon and travels to the mouth of the Pacific Ocean before turning back and sailing east. Travelers will enjoy views along the Columbia and Snake Rivers before ending at Hell’s Canyon, where Oregon, Washington, and Idaho meet.

View of Hells Canyon on the border of Oregon and Washington

Days 9-14: Traveling overland, guests will have the opportunity to visit some of America’s most incredible national parks. The private guided tour will visit Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park before ending in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Days 15-38: After flying from Jackson, Wyoming to New Orleans, Louisiana, passengers board another boat and continue their journey. This segment crosses 1,393 miles of the mighty Mississippi River from New Orleans to St. Paul, Minnesota. On its way, the cruise will pass through 10 states.

A bright red bridge crosses the Mississippi River near New Orleans

Days 39-47: Another flight connects the Mississippi segment to New England. After arriving in charming Portland, Maine, passengers will board another boat and explore the beautiful Maine coastline, including Penobscot Bay and Bar Harbor. After 8 days of exploring the region, the boat ends its journey in Boston, Massachusetts.

Days 48-54: Passengers can enjoy more of the scenic New England coastline during the fifth segment of the cruise, which begins in Boston and ends in New York. The boat passes many famous locations including Plymouth, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Newport Arizona and Long Island, New York.

Boston skyline at sunset with cruise boat sailing in foreground, USA

Days 55-61: A cruise of such epic proportions should go out with a bang, and the final segment has a nice surprise up its sleeve.

After guests leave New York, they will travel up the Hudson River where they will be greeted by some of the best fall foliage in the country just in time for peak foliage season.

After turning around in Albany, New York, the cruise ends at the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Tickets are now on sale

The first sailing of The Great United States cruise takes place from August 14, 2024 to October 14, 2024. Tickets are now on sale on the American Cruise Line website. Prices for the 2-month voyage start at $51,000 per person and can go up to $77,954 per person, depending on the cabin chosen.

Grand Teton National Park

When booking the cruise, passengers must pay a deposit of $5,000.

Each cruise ticket includes flights and hotels between cruise segments, pre-cruise hotel stays, daily excursions and entertainment, all meals and beverages, complimentary WiFi, gratuities and port fees, and an assortment of American Cruise Lines merchandise.

Warning for passengers: Don’t forget travel insurance for your next trip!

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