Toke Makinwa, Nengi and other celebrities who have had BBL

Although there are many clinics and hospitals in Nigeria that offer BBL procedures, some Nigerian celebrities have chosen to travel abroad for the surgery. In particular, many have chosen to have their BBL surgery in the UK, where there are many experienced surgeons who specialize in this procedure.

For this article, Pulse Celebrity Desk will highlight five Nigerian celebrities who have undergone the procedure.

One of the first Nigerian women to do a butt lift was Toke Makinwa. She didn’t just have a butt lift; she also underwent lip fillers, which were still incredibly rare in that region of the world at the time.

When asked in 2020 why she underwent the surgery, Toke replied that she had just had fibroids removed from her body and wanted the curvaceous appearance to feel more comfortable in clothes.

Admits having surgery during a Q&A session on her Vlog Talk Moments she said, “Yes, I have worked on my body, but my breasts are natural. I had a lip filler because I wanted to start my lipstick brand. I also improved my body after having my fibroids removed. I did this because I wanted to feel better in clothes. I don’t regret improving my body because it’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I wanted to look curvy and I love it.”

The internet was taken aback when a video of Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh post surgery surfaced online. Tonto Dikeh told BBC Pidgin that she has gained more confidence since the operation.

She spoke in a 3.25-minute video titled “Brazilian Butt Lift: My Butt Gives Me Confidence.” She clarified that she didn’t do it to please anyone, but for her own self-esteem and for the clothes to look good on her.

She later shared more insight into why she had the surgery in an interview with BBC Pidgin: “Just go as yourself. Just be happy and say na me be dis, see how my shape is,” she said, talking about the benefits of plastic surgery.

Nengi Hampson, a reality personality, is another celebrity who has admitted to undergoing liposuction to increase her butt.

In an interview after BBNaija with legallyshe admitted that she underwent the procedure because she felt insecure about her body and wanted to gain self-confidence.

In another conversation with Ozo, she said, “I always wanted to have surgery because I felt like I had a really big belly. I had liposuction, but I only removed the fat from my stomach. I feel like if you’re not confident in something and you can change it, then do it.. I always had to wear sneakers around my waist and it was really stressful for me.” she said.

Like many celebrities who have gone through the process, she expressed no regrets about what she did; she even clarified that her only regret is that she didn’t blog about her surgery.

Big Brother Pepper Dem 2019 season winner, Mercy Eke also got cosmetic surgery. She talked about it in a recent episode of “Tea with Tay,” where she said she had the surgery to boost her self-esteem and appearance.

The reality star first admitted it on an episode of Mercy & Ike, where she also shared her thoughts on cosmetic surgery.

She stated that she has had no problem with people saying she has a “silicone body” and that they don’t know the difference between silicone and liposuction.

In her words “I don’t have a problem when people say I have a silicone body. They are so ignorant; they don’t know the difference between silicone and liposuction. It doesn’t get to me because I’ll still improve my body if I want to.”

The BBNaija star has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery after a video of her getting liposuction surfaced online. The former housemate previously denied allegations that he underwent BBL surgery, but later admitted it.

She also talked about this in a conversation with Tayemesan in an episode of “Tea with Tae”, where she confirmed that the process was painful and she wouldn’t do it again even if she was offered a large amount of money.

“I say if they give me 100 million and tell Khloe to go and have surgery, I’m not doing it either. It’s painful! Even a small operation on your body… even an injection is painful, now imagine extracting, removing, adding… it’s painful,” she said.

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